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3D Printed Wind Turbine uses Bambooby Jeff Heidbrier

This Turbine is a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine that can charge batteries or run other small electronic devices. The 3D Printed Wind Turbine uses moder...

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Chatty Spring Ballzby Cere Davis

"Chatty Spring Ballz" is an acousto-kinetic sculpture that allows for an interactive exploration into the hidden acoustic world of high tensioned ste...

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Epic Cortege Walkerby Gustav Sohtell

The Epic Cortege walker is a project we did to challenge and raise the level of the constructions in the Chalmers Cortege.

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Kinetic sculpture Treasuring the Particleby Marco Kruyt

Two moving robotic hands cherish the particle. The artwork refers to an exploration into the deepest origins of matter, and our understanding of real...

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Make a mini latheby jack houweling

I am a woodworker and never had a lathe, I like to build things so I thought I would try build one.

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MESArc Road Warriorsby Jake Marshall

ABOUT MESARC What is MESArc? ?MESArc stands for Math, Engineering, Science, and Achievement Remote Control. Evolving over the years, the MESArc pro...

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Snow Plow Robotby Vittorio Loschiavo

I think that the best thing is to read directly from web site where I have pubblished my project, this is the link:

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