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ABC2by James Avery

I would classify my project as functional art, since it is designed to be a human powered transportation device and is sculpturally pleasing to the e...

October's Winner!

Elysium Exoskeletonby James Hobson

Hey guys, my name is James and I'd like to enter my home-made exoskeleton project into the Boca Bearings 2014 Innovation Contest! I'm building thi...

September's Winner!

Animatronic Owl for Researchby Jonny Poole

With a combined technology of 3D printing, creativity and the art of taxidermy, im working on specialising in animatronic bird armatures for taxiderm...

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Army Power Wheels Adult Racerby James Price

The vehicle is custom built using only the Power Wheels jeep body. The frame is welded steel. The drivetrain consists of a large DC motor, 24 volt ...

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ATmega based Guitar Pickup Windingby Davide Gironi

A pickup winding machine it is used to wind a guitar pickup. This project it is build using an ATmega microcontroller.

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Automated Chessby Atur Mehta

With the technology moving a step forward, the world now prefers an interactive and real platform instead of stand-alone software’s. For years board ...

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Axis360: modular motion control for camerasby Justin Jensen

Axis360 is a motion control system that rotates and slides a camera. Axis360 is compact and light weight, sets up easily, and is extremely versatile....

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Balancing Robot (DIY)by Mads Bornebusch

This two wheeled balancing robot was developed by Kristian Lauszus and Mads Bornebusch. The robot is intended for personal transportation. The hardwa...

2 # Votes

Barobotby Konrad Klepacki

Barobot is an open source device that pours cocktails by mixing alcohol, soft drinks and sodas. It holds up to 12 bottles and can pour a drink with m...

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BuildersBot - Arduino Controlled CNC / 3D Printer Hybridby Aldric Negrier

The BuildersBot is an Arduino Controlled CNC Router and 3D printer. The BuilderBot is an Open Design machine, that uses Open Software and Open Hardw...

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Bussolaby Jennifer Townley

'Bussola' is a work of art. Its purpose is to have a certain effect on the viewer. As an artist I create moving sculptures that interfere with the s...

1 # Votes

Caged Pulse Jetsby Christina Sporrong

The large ornate birdcage holds five spinning pulse jet engines of various sizes that create a range of percussive and droning tones. The pulse jets ...

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Celestial Mechanicaby Paul McCloud

Celestial Mechanica is a 16' tall, 50' diameter, kinetic steel art sculpture of the movement of the heavenly bodies, revolving around a fiery sun. ...

13 # Votes

Chair to Bathe Handicapped Personsby Mario Ayalon

Solves one of the big problem when a disabled person is incorporated to a House that is not prepared for this

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Circular Saw Centrifugeby Mike Warren

Start spinning more food in your kitchen than just salad. Bring the danger of the workshop into the kitchen with a homemade centrifuge! By using an e...

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CNC Plasma System Build Projectby Brian Wensel

This project is both a work of art and a serious tool for creation, built with lots of blood sweat and tears. This CNC Plasma build is a culminatio...

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DiVYA- Power Now At Homeby Ranjeet Singh

Gravitational Energy based lighting, mobile charging and laptop and other battery operated charging system for rural area where does electricity not ...

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Dream Machineby Jason Parry

The Dream Machine is a functional work of art that helps reduce the frequency of nightmares, night terrors, and promotes positive, productive control...

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Electric Arduino Go Kartby Sid Mani

I built an arduino-controlled go kart. It is powered by 3x 5S LiPo batteries, and the motor is a 450kV Savox brushless motor. Its maximum speed is 30...

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Electric Go Cartby Ben Rothschild

Its an Electric Go Cart! Loads of fun to drive and plenty of torque to get you up and over anything. It has a top speed of 22mph and a range of over...

0 # Votes

Electric Microkartby Wayne Prangnell

Microkart rethinks the gokart designed around a small electric drive. Batteries, controllers and motors are placed within the chassis or 'deck' ...

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Emergency Antenna Platform System (EAPS)by Rob Roschewsk

The Emergency Antenna Platform System was designed by Amateur Radio operators (Hams) to assist in providing emergency communications during times of ...

178 # Votes

Epic Cortege Walker - Steam Editionby Gustav Sohtell

The Epic Cortege Walker is a work of art for the Chalmers Cortege which is a festival in Gothenburg, Sweden occurring each spring. For some people it...

7 # Votes

FLYby Toomas Altnurme

Its work of Art ..kinetical sculpture called FLY used recycled metal 5 x2x3m

0 # Votes

Forced induction dreamsby Rob Lambert

n the quest to achieve 280 BHP /litre from a four stroke engine this project grew from a stock 1988 Honda CBR250R road bike engine, designed by Honda...

38 # Votes

Gas turbine Landspeed Motorcycleby Anders Johansson

I´ve designed and built a gas turbine motorcycle that I some day will take to Bonneville Speed Week to try for the land speed record in the class APS...

519 # Votes

Gone with windby Francois Hameury

would you think Art does'nt have any function ?

0 # Votes

How to make a mini latheby Jack Houweling

As a woodworker I have never owed a lathe so I thought I would try make one with a drill.

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Independent Wheel Drive 1/10 Scale RC Car | Project Aelithby Rajesh Nakarja

This project rethinks the way automotive vehicles have worked for decades. The geometry of cars have always been similar in order to house large mech...

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Mini Injection Molderby James Durand

The machine I made is a table top injection molding machine. It can produces small, hollow plastic parts at a rate of about 55 seconds per part. It c...

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Monash Motorsport Formula Studentby Mark Stroud

Monash Motorsport is a student run team based at Monash University in Australia. Competing in Formula Student, an engineering design competition cons...

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Octo 3by Anthony Howe

This sculpture was built for purely visual pleasure on the part of the viewer.

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OutRunnerby Sebastien Cotton

OutRunner is the world's first legged running robot that is commercially available to the public. That's right—a running robot! OutRunner is eating u...

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Popmaskinenby Jonny Eriksson

Popmaskinen is an electro mechanic one man band and a work of art.

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R/C throttle pedalby PAUL RUSH

My item is a throttle pedal so that individuals with one arm or a non functioning arm can operate radio controlled racing cars or boats.

0 # Votes

ReactoBotby Paul Olivier

Our Project is to see if we could find a way to test if a person is under the influence of reaction altering substances that could impair their abili...

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Remote operated Electric Bucket Loaderby Justin Gray

The Remote Operated Electric Bucket Loader is built for moving dirt in environments that pose significant risk to the occupant. The exterior case is...

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Roboplowby Thomas Kohlert

I was out shoveling and thought there has to be a better way

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Robot Teddy Bearby Erwin Ried

It is a mix, kinda artsy but also is intended to be useful to help autistic children

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Robotic Slot Car Parkingby Alberto Moset Alday

This project is a replica of the Volkswagen parking at slot car scale, to keep and sort my slot car collection.This is a side project, of a more ambi...

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SkatE-Podsby Jerry Palacio

SkatE-Pods are hands-free electric-skateboards with true freewheel mechanism/coasting capability and mechanical brakes. Patent pending. www.skatE-Pod...

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Smartphone Controlled Rotary Display Standby Aldric Negrier

The idea behind the Smartphone Controlled Rotary Display Stand is to create a motorized Display stand, that can be controlled manually, or remotely b...

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Solar Computerized Perpetuum Mobile Networksby Catalina Geornoiu

the SCPM2N is a free continuous energy making robot.

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Solar Powered Lawn Mowerby Boris Landoni

This is a robotic lawn mower, powered with solar energy and able to operate just with the clean energy from the sun; this one is a great difference f...

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Speech Controlled Puppy Robotby Adith Jagadish Boloor

Spyro is my very own speech controlled puppy robot capable of accepting speech commands through a computer which wirelessly transmits the commands vi...

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Spiroby Yasith Lokuge

Novel staircase design for space critical applications. This Spiral Staircase can be retracted when it is not using. So we can save the space in the...

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Stealthby Tom Brewitz

Stealth is a kinetic sculpture that gets it's motion from the wind.

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Steam Turret Tankby Ian Davis

The tank is an example of functional art. It looks good, and can do something. Of course it serves little purpose other than amusement. Working on...

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The InstaHamby Theresa Willingham

It's a work of art that is also an educational exhibit. The InstaHam portable photo booth is intended to be an interactive proof of concept project ...

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The Tri-Brid Vehicleby Thomas Miller

The Tri-Brid vehicle seeks to promote sustainable transportation and lessen dependence on the grid. Additionally, it looks to developing countries to...

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This new technology - Analogue 3D Printerby Daniel Bruin

This new technology is an analogue 3D printer that works without any electricity or computer programming. This machine is a piece of art and also a f...

30 # Votes

Tumbleweed Wind Sculptureby Jere Brunette

Its A work of Art

0 # Votes

Twice a Childby Guy Beckles

This work of art is a miniature amusement park designed to appeal to the child in all of us, especially sick children in hospital wards. When my firs...

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walking beam engineby Randolph Cox

oldskool walking beam engine that is as much art as function. built from plans that called for Stephenson valve gear to control steam. increased scal...

3 # Votes

Wind Powered artby Bob Burnside

It is a work of visual entertainment.

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Worlds Fastest Rat Rodby Steve Tucker

Both...its a marriage of speed and beauty. It features a Jon Kaase 820 cubic inch (2000 hp)engine, a 1928 Ford sedan body,a hand built Pro Mod style ...

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