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Tell us briefly about your project. Is it a work of art or does it serve another function?

WWF cites “without near 100% sustainable energy we commit 37% species to extinction by 2050”. Ever increasing forestry utility under economic inability to substantively abate burning fossil fuels by 2050, triggers 66% mass loss of all life. Unfortunately the WWF-ECOFYS sustainable energy plan costs $700 trillion and doubles annual forestry utility for bio fuels. This is a death sentence for our children. The ONLY pragmatic choice remaining requires urgent reduction in consumption of forestry, energy and fresh water through abatement of products which annually consume them in production, distribution and waste processing. The Daily Bailey ignites and catalyzes this process. WHAT IS THE BUSINESS PROPOSITION? The Daily Bailey is a miniaturized washing machine retrofit to existing toilets. The machine delivers immediate wash/sterilization of cloth and cloth diapers bestowing far superior sanitation and hygiene with equal convenience of disposables at 25% the cost. The Daily Bailey resolves all current cloth diapering inconveniences and creates the means to generate systemic reduction of disposable diapers, sanitary wipes, paper towels and bath tissue which annually consume staggering forestry, energy and fresh water in production distribution and waste processing and substantively impedes cost effective optimization of biogas generation through co-digestion of organic rich MSW and Sewer Sludge. The Daily Bailey eliminates stockpiling soiled diapers causing dangerous pathogen growth, eliminates diaper pail, deodorizers and household odour while reducing water consumption by 15% and needed quantity of diapers by 70%. It is 20% less expensive than current cloth diapering methodology and 75% less expensive than disposables. Starting families save 60% rearing one child over 3 years and 90% thereafter. They consume the most disposables, want a sustainable quality of life and are the best demographic through which to generate global systemic change. Nevertheless we need to dramatically accelerate rates of reduction and the ONLY way to achieve this by 2050 requires rendering the Daily Bailey affordable to all families through a product purchase plan, micro financing and unlimitedly paying them to successfully refer others. This incentivises and cements sustainable habits. As a result 10% North American starting families already want to purchase and 85% starting families are highly likely to purchase.

When did you start working on this project and how long did it take you to complete?

August 2005, the best product solution is derived, I need to commercialize the product and execute my sustainable living plan.

What was your goal in building this project?

Deliver 25% the entire WWF-ECOFYS global sustainable energy plan by 2050 to prevent triggering 66% loss of all life on this planet The WWF highlights of the energy report THE ENTIRE WWF-ECOFYS Global Sustainable Energy Report

Does your project help to solve a problem? If so what problem?

The Daily Bailey via immediate was/sterilization completely resolves all current cloth diapering inconveniences to create a readily addressable 700 million North American market My consumer referral credit program which substantively and unlimitedly pays people to refer others is the ONLY means to cement sustainable habits and generate systemic reduction in 3of 4 crucial life sustaining resources by 2050 10% starting families already want to buy and 85% are highly likely to buy this product

What makes your idea unique?

Tripling forestry utility while under economic inability to substantively abate burning fossil fuels by 2050 is deadly. Ever increasing forestry consumption while burning fossil fuels together with already quadrupled annual forestry losses, compounding economic losses and doubling utility of forestry for bio fuel production by 2050 is totally incompatible with planetary survivability of life. Only systemic reduction in global demand for products which annually consume vast forestry, fossil fuels and fresh water which facilitate cost effective optimization of vast renewable energy that remains in lockstep with population growth, increased life expectancy and aspirations of emerging economies and tripling current planting of trees to restore and maintain crucially needed carbon sink will timely abate the Planet’s escalation of its’ reaction to extinguish life. Disposables annually consume staggering forestry, energy and fresh water. No life changing event presents greater opportunity to generate global systemic change than the birth of a child. Through The Daily Bailey and a product purchase plan families ignite systemic reduction and unlimitedly paying them to refer others dramatically accelerates it. The Daily Bailey is equally convenient, dramatically improves sanitation and hygiene while it delivers sustainable living within the Planet’s natural capacity. Starting families save money are paid to generate change and proceeds are used to plant trees. This plan conserves/plants forestry, conserves staggering energy and fresh water and facilitates vast renewable energy. And it is the only solution which fully supports life while delivering 25% equivalency of the entire WWF-ECOFYS global sustainable energy plan by 2050.

In what capacity are you using bearings and what type of bearings?

I require 2 bearings per machine, they must be watertight

What is the most important thing you want people to know about your project?

It must be completely understood that tripling forestry utility via business as usual increases and proposed utility for bio fuel production while burning coal and suffering an aggregate loss of 5 million sq km forestry to fire and disease by 2050 is not remotely compatible with survivability of life on this planet. We either accept the urgent, imperative and essential necessity to live sustainably within the planet's natural capacity or via indefensible consumption of energy, fresh water and forestry we trigger 66% mass loss of all life by 2050. Systemic reduction of forestry, energy and fresh water utility is not an option! Rather it is an imperative necessity. The Daily Bailey is the ONLY economically sound resolution which is capable of delivering 25% equivalency of the entire WWF-ECOFYS sustainable energy plan by 2050

How will you use the $5,000 prize?

i will utilize funds to commercializethe the derived Daily bailey production model and execute my plans. I have entered POSTCODE GREEN CHALLENGE - This is the only substantive source of altruistic funding specifically awarded for consumer driven sustainable living solutions. tHE AWARD IS $625,000 The Daily Bailey by far is the most ECONOMICALLY SOUND AND substantive solution ever derived for the following reasons: The Water Recycling Shower only conserves water and energy associated with maintaining water pressure. Unfortunately people are not willing to substantively renovate at great cost. VERY few people are willing to rip out perfectly good showers and install a recycling shower system at 3-4 times the cost. In reality ONLY new construction in drought plagued regions may be receptive and as such this system will not generate urgently needed substantive results by 2050. In direct contrast, THE DAILY BAILEY via immediate wash/sterilization of cloth and cloth diapers completely resolves current anguish associated with cloth diaper to create a 700 Million per annum North American market. Families save 75% otherwise spent rearing children using unsustainable disposable products and families are unlimitedly paid to refer others. This reward system is substantively incentivises families to cement sustainable habits and accelerate utility adoption rates such that it systematically generates staggering conservation of forestry, energy and fresh water which also directly facilitates vast biogas generation derived from proportional co-digestion of MSW and Sewer sludge. Together with a vitally needed plan to utilize Daily Bailey proceeds to plant 400 BILLON TREES for CARBON SINK in knowing that this is the ONLY means to offset a readily self apparent global economic inability to substantively reduce burning coal by 2050 and by which under a 50-60 year non harvest maximized carbon sink planting policy it supports tenable utility of forestry for bio fuels production given that it is also known that oil and gas production will decline 40-60% by 2050, The Daily Bailey and this sustainable living plan is the most substantive and comprehensive solution ever to be derived. In reality THE DAILY BAILEY is the ONLY product encompassing a completely economically sound business plan with the necessary sustainable living plan which is capable of delivering 25% equivalency of the entire WWF-ECOFYS global sustainable energy plan by 2050. This is NOT hubris. Rather this is plain pragmatic common sense driven by the vital necessity to generate systemic reduction of crucial life sustaining resources before we trigger mass loss of life.

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