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siddharth shah
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Tell us briefly about your project. Is it a work of art or does it serve another function?

its an attachment to steel sink with rotating brushes powered by a 25 watt motor. It is so designed as to be cheap, water/ power efficient and clean utensils effortlessly and efficiently. The user has to switch on the motor and two specially designed brushes start to rotate at the base of the sink, and the operator/cleaner can place the utensils/dishes to be cleaned on them after dipping them in the soap water. The designing of the brushes and RPM is such that almost all types of utensils can be cleaned on all sides on these brushes.

When did you start working on this project and how long did it take you to complete?

I started working on the project 2 years ago, being a constant inventor/ innovator I kept designing and redisigning the concept and finally when I was satisfied with the designs I made 1 working prototype of it. Then another one based on the effectiveness/failures of the first one. The second one (attachment model) has shown exceptional results as seen in the video.

What was your goal in building this project?

Living in a developing nation there's a huge demand for machines and home utility equipments as women are constantly looking for ways to make their life less engaging in the daily chores and more productive. But the existing line of home equipments is either too expensive for avg. household, in this case a dishwasher which costs more than 3 months income of an avg. household, or is not efficient. Again the dishwasher doesn't work on Indian cooking utensils as they have highly burn stains and oily sticky marks which need rubbin and scrubbing to be removed. For that purpose I designed a 50 dollar dishwashing equipment which works efficiently on Indian cooking conditions.

Does your project help to solve a problem? If so what problem?

As discussed earlier its a considerably cheap alternative to the big bulky time and power consuming dishwashers. It saves time effort water power and power spent on cleaning utensils which pile up in every household 3 times a day. A typical dishwasher runs on 1500- 2000 watt power whereas this type of dishwasher runs on 15-25 watt motor hence saving power. The typical operation time of a normal dishwasher is 45-90 mins irrespective of the number of dishes that are being cleaned. You can clean a single utensil or a few of them within minutes with the Dishcleaning Sink.

What makes your idea unique?

There's no availible alternative to dishwashers except cleaning by hand. This is the only alternative which comes at a rock bottom price and unmatched value preposition.

In what capacity are you using bearings and what type of bearings?

I'm using a 608 no. circular rolling oilsealed bearing with an inner diameter of 8mm. we use 6 bearings in sets of 2 for each of the three gears in rotation.

What is the most important thing you want people to know about your project?

Its a truly innovative product with global appeal and the need of every household. Its contribution to environment in terms of saving power and water and thus reducing carbon footprint by the use of dishwashers is quiet considerable. Your wife will love it and so will you when the power bills are reduced.

How will you use the $5,000 prize?

I need money to produce and sell the equipment so the money will go in establishing facilities to procure parts and hire employees.

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