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"Faultline"by Jim Jenkins

It is kinetic sculpture.

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3D Printed Wind Turbine uses Bambooby Jeff Heidbrier

This Turbine is a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine that can charge batteries or run other small electronic devices. The 3D Printed Wind Turbine uses moder...

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Army Power Wheels Adult Racerby James Price

The vehicle is custom built using only the Power Wheels jeep body. The frame is welded steel. The drivetrain consists of a large DC motor, 24 volt ...

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automated liquid cooling system for RC enginesby Khalid Al-Ghamdi

My name is Khalid Al-Ghamdi. I am a 25 year old Saudi citizen living in the Kingdom of Bahrain because I had a chance to complete my education in In...

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Avian Research Mechsby Jonny Poole

The function of this project (not just the puffin you see here) has many purposes as i have become to learn over the years. From pest control to th...

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Chatty Spring Ballzby Cere Davis

"Chatty Spring Ballz" is an acousto-kinetic sculpture that allows for an interactive exploration into the hidden acoustic world of high tensioned ste...

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Circular Saw Centrifugeby Mike Warren

Start spinning more food in your kitchen than just salad. Bring the danger of the workshop into the kitchen with a homemade centrifuge! By using an e...

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CNC Plasma System Build Projectby Brian Wensel

This project is both a work of art and a serious tool for creation, built with lots of blood sweat and tears. This CNC Plasma build is a culminatio...

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CNC Router / Mill / Laser Cutter Comboby Brian Wensel

In this project we wanted a CNC router that could be much more than just a router. The build fills the CNC router's shoes with no problem. We also ...

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Epic Cortege Walkerby Gustav Sohtell

The Epic Cortege walker is a project we did to challenge and raise the level of the constructions in the Chalmers Cortege.

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Forced induction dreamsby Rob Lambert

n the quest to achieve 280 BHP /litre from a four stroke engine this project grew from a stock 1988 Honda CBR250R road bike engine, designed by Honda...

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Inferno Robotics Corpby George Stavrev

The project was was intended to take several different components and work out the interface between them. It uses a servo motor, flex resistor as a ...

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Kinetic sculpture Treasuring the Particleby Marco Kruyt

Two moving robotic hands cherish the particle. The artwork refers to an exploration into the deepest origins of matter, and our understanding of real...

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Long Road Homeby Andrew Smith

Long Road Home was commissioned by Ripley's Believe it or not. . . odditoriums and was installed in their Gatlinburg TN location. The piece was ba...

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Make a mini latheby jack houweling

I am a woodworker and never had a lathe, I like to build things so I thought I would try build one.

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MESArc Road Warriorsby Jake Marshall

ABOUT MESARC What is MESArc? ?MESArc stands for Math, Engineering, Science, and Achievement Remote Control. Evolving over the years, the MESArc pro...

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Mostly Printed CNCby Ryan Zellars

This is my CNC machine, low cost and multipurpose. I have adapted it to use things like drag knives, 3D print head, Dual 3D print heads, and even a p...

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OutRunnerby Sebastien Cotton

OutRunner is the world's first legged running robot that is commercially available to the public. That's right—a running robot! OutRunner is eating u...

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Pecker Birdby Russell Smith

Pecker Bird is a work of kinetic art, number 13 in a series of mechanical sculptures powered by 100 year old windup phonograph motors.

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Remote operated Electric Bucket Loaderby Justin Gray

The Remote Operated Electric Bucket Loader is built for moving dirt in environments that pose significant risk to the occupant. The exterior case is...

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Simple Electric Bicycleby Valentin Ameres

This electric bicycle was built due to the expensive public transportation fees. Its main purpose is to get you from A to B.

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Single Feed Contra-Rotating Propeller Hubby Philip Cox

Contra-rotating propellers are much more efficient and operate without inducing torque on an airframe. This is a retro-fit hub that enables a single...

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Snow Plow Robotby Vittorio Loschiavo

I think that the best thing is to read directly from web site where I have pubblished my project, this is the link:

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The InstaHamby Theresa Willingham

It's a work of art that is also an educational exhibit. The InstaHam portable photo booth is intended to be an interactive proof of concept project ...

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The Tri-Brid Vehicleby Thomas Miller

The Tri-Brid vehicle seeks to promote sustainable transportation and lessen dependence on the grid. Additionally, it looks to developing countries to...

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Two Happy Carrotsby Jim Jenkins

This is a motorized kinetic sculpture that features a sound component.

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Very high speed machined retainer & machined connecting rodby James Allen

A fully machined, heat treated steel cage, wirth two rollers in each window is used with a fully machined, heat treated connecting rod which operates...

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Wind Powered artby Bob Burnside

It is a work of visual entertainment.

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