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Spring Savings On Bike Lube & Tools

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Discount only applied to items featured in this email. Offer expires 5/14/2015

High Speed Oil
High Speed Oil Lightning Lube in a 12cc syringe. Ideal lubrication for any application that requires a very thin and lightweight oil for minimal friction and reduced drag. Operating temperature of -50F to +400F and a viscosity of 1875/9CS. Learn More »

Grease Power
Grease Power Lightning Lube is a heavy duty, lithium based grease in a 2 oz. nozzle tube. Grease Power will greatly improve performance, reduce heat, resist corrosion and extend the life of your mechanical parts. Learn More »

Bearing Soak
LBT Lightning Lube - Bearing Soak 100ml pump bottle is specially designed to form a molecular bond with all moving metal parts. It will fill in the pores, pits and gaps typically found in chrome or stainless steel. Soaking bearings for 10-15 minutes in Lightning Lube Bearing Soak will reduce friction, decrease wear and extend life. Learn More »

Clean Touch
Clean Touch Lightning Lube 100ml Bottle. Tetrachloride and Silicone free bearing cleaner. Learn More »

Bike Bearing Installer
The Universal Bike Bearing Installer is designed to make the installation of ceramic hybrid bearings and full ceramic bearings as easy as possible. It is very important not to use any kind of jarring impact or blunt force when installing ceramic bearings. The Boca Bearing Bike Bearing Installer evenly pulls bearings into almost any bicycle housing, eliminating the possibility of cracking or damaging the bearings. Learn More »

Work Mat
Boca's new 10" x 14" Recreational Work Mat is a thick rubber mat ideal for the garage tinkerer, and quick maintenance on-site and in the pits. The recessed sections of the mats have common dimensional conversion, and built in standard and metric rulers... Learn More »

Steel Calipers
Digital Steel Caliper. Learn More »

Plastic Calipers
Caliper, Plastic, Digital, Metric and Inch, Boca Logo on Caliper, Boca Logo on Clear Plastic Case. Learn More »

Hammer Tool
F9135A Hammer Specialty Tool. Learn More »

Utility Tool
Plier Multi-Utility Tool. Learn More »

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