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Boca Bearings Fishing Newsletter: Issue 19

Introduction: Everything you wanted to know about fishing reel bearings, including how they are created, and what role they play in reel operation. Class is in session as bearing guru, ChuckE, explains the ins and outs of reel bearings in "Bearings 101."

Background: Ball bearings and roller bearings are the most common types of anti-friction bearing found in today's modern fishing reels.  However, that was not always the case, and early reel bearings were really nothing more than a guide or alignment sleeve which had a rotating component traveling through it (very similar to a sliding friction bearing). Frequent cleaning and lubrication was often required to maintain performance in these early reels, since the guides tended to wear quickly. So over time, reel manufacturers eventually adopted more robust designs, to reduce friction, corrosion and wear. Ball, roller, journal, needle, thrust and tapered bearings have all been used in reels over the past 100 years.

Anti-friction bearings operate under the principle of rolling friction, where balls or cylinders roll between two metal sleeves to overcome friction.  The sleeves are actually round grooved tracks that the balls or rollers ride between, which are called races (or rings). Friction is reduced in this type of bearing because only two points on each rolling member actually contact the races at any one point in time. Roller bearings are typically used in lower speed but higher load applications because more of the roller is in contact with each race. Whereas, ball bearings are used in higher speed and lighter load applications because they have less friction. Ball bearings may also be equipped with shields or seals, which cover part of the area between the races...more

Kit Used In Video
Ceramic Orange Seal ABEC 7 Fishing Bearings
#FR-130C-OS LD

Ceramic Orange Seal Fishing Reel bearing kits are an upgrade replacement to stock fishing reel bearings. These ABEC #7 bearings have ceramic balls with stainless steel races and retainers. Orange Seal bearings have a non-contact rubber seal which allows the bearing to spin freely with out any excess drag. Ceramic will never corrode...more

Featured Pro Staff Member

"Lake Okeechobee the wonder land. I have been blessed to grow up fishing Okeechobee and guiding on this lake for over 12 years. If you come to Florida and don't fish this lake you are missing the heart of Florida. This lake is over 730 square miles of ever changing wonderland. As my life it is always changing. I grew up in the tourist business since I was 10 years old. My family owned a fishing resort on south Hutchinson Island on the Fort Pierce inlet. I never went to high school and fished for a living since I was 14. I am blessed to have fished in the commercial fishing industry with a lot of great people. And fishing Okeechobee was my fun time for me and my brother and are family and friends. I have been blessed to have the opportunity to fish the Bass Master tour and be a FLW Ever Start Champion. I have fished all over the country. And I will take Okeechobee any day. I love all the lakes and rivers around are country but if I had one choice it would be the Big O. It is such a honor to be part of people's vacations and get to know people from everywhere. To learn more about me check out my book a Guiding life for some great adventures and education about wildlife. Thanks -Capt Mark Shepard"
Catch Of The Month

"My largest Bass of the year this spring of 10.4lbs at Canyon lake AZ making a long cast on this finicky fish with my curado reel with orange peel bearings" ~ Sponsored Angler Justin Patti

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