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Boca Bearings Fishing Newsletter: Issue 22

A backlash that requires lots of picking and cutting of line is one of the most frustrating situations in bass fishing.

The frustrating situation becomes compounded when an angler is just learning how to use a baitcast reel while on a fishing trip. In some extreme cases, these anglers get so exasperated with the baitcaster that they never use one again.

By giving up on a baitcast reel, novices are missing out on the most effective tool for presenting their lures to bass. “It is so much easier feathering your lure and getting accuracy and distance,” says Bassmaster Elite Series competitor Pete Ponds. “All three of those factors make the baitcaster more appealing than the spinning reel. There are times for spinning reels and you can feather them as well but distance and accuracy are two very important elements of the cast and with the baitcaster I feel like I can achieve both better than I can with the spinning reel.”

The sophisticated braking systems and anti-backlash mechanisms on today’s baitcasters make it easy for anyone to learn how to cast these reels without worrying about line overruns. Some reels have a brake dial for adjusting the centrifugal brake system while others, such as the Ardent baitcasters Ponds uses, have internal centrifugal brake pins that need to be pulled out to engage the brakes. With plenty of practice in the right settings, any beginner can head out on the water with the confidence of having a backlash-free day...
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Featured Product

Boca's new 10" x 14" Recreational Work Mat is a thick rubber mat ideal for the garage tinkerer, and quick maintenance on-site and in the pits. The recessed sections of the mats have common dimensional conversion, and built in standard and metric rulers. The sections are also ideal for holding and organizing small parts and pieces, and keeping them from getting lost or falling off your work area. The mat is easy to clean and protects your surfaces from stains and damage...more

Q: If I leave my ceramic hybrids dry will they wear faster?

A: Yes, while ceramic hybrid bearings do not need any lubrication to operate the steel races will have a longer life if they have a slight amount of lube on a regular basis.

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Catch Of The Month

Largemouth Bass : Where did you catch it? Pond near Middlesex NC What did you catch it with? Hand tied deer hair diving bass bug fly I was taken to this pond by my old boss and fished it a few times with light fly rods. I decided to come back with one of my friends and bring my 8wt. I saw some fish busting on the surface and tied on one of my deerhair diver flies that I tied the night before. I cast it at a boil about 35' off the bank...made 2 strips of the fly line and BOOM.

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