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Boca Bearings Fishing Newsletter: Issue 24

Introduction: Ready to move on to "Reel Bearings 201?" The second installment of the tutorial continues to build on the fundamentals presented in Reel Bearings 101. It covers ceramic bearings, bearing corrosion, lubrication, and other related topics. Bust out those notebooks, its time to talk bearings...

Ceramic and Bearings: Advanced ceramic materials were initially used in the early-60's, mostly as coatings on power turbines and electrical generating equipment. The hardness, electrical resistance, and light weight of the material made them ideal for these applications. Not long after that, advanced ceramic materials began to be used as man-made abrasives. Today they are used in a number of common products, yet most don't even recognize them....
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Featured Product

Clean Touch Lightning Lube 100ml Bottle. Tetrachloride and Silicone free bearing cleaner....more

Q: How should the Orange Seal bearings be handled before being used?

A: : All Orange Seal bearings with an LD (lube dry) in the part number are supplied dry, without grease or oil. AF2 in the part number means light oil and NB2 in the part number means a heavy duty grease. If your bearings are already dry they will not require any further handling. They can be run completely dry or you can add a light drop of oil to the outside seal and work the oil into the bearing. Dry bearings can be more noisy but a light drop of oil will quiet them right down. If your bearings came packed in grease or oil land you would like to clean out your bearings, you can remove the seals and soak the bearings in our Clean Touch over night. Blow the bearings dry the next day or let them air dry.
Catch Of The Month

Chinook Salmon L Where did you catch it? Yuba City, feather river. What did you catch it with? Floating beads Had been fishing since 5am trying to hook up...this 38" Salmon finally came around and took the bead around 3pm. This also happened on my 3rd day of targeting Chinook and learning about drifting beads, I was so excited I made the 2 hr drive every day for a week in search of another Salmon.

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