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Boca Bearings Fishing Newsletter: Issue 28

Step 1: Remove the main shaft cap screw and dented drag knob to open the reel. Then Remove the spool from the frame.

Step 2: With the spool removed from the frame, remove the dust and waterproof cap on the front of the spool and remove the draw bar, spring and washer. The first bearing is pressed into the spool from the front. To remove, use a wooden dowel about the inside bearing diameter of the bearing and tap into the center of the bearing, until it becomes stuck. With the dowel stuck in the bearing, PULL the bearing out of the front of the spool, or tap the dowel out from the back of the spool.

Step 3: The 2nd bearing is on the back of the spool, and is pressed in to the spool from the rear of the spool, meaning that you must pull the bearing out. However, after removing the front bearing, one can just tap the rear spool bearing out with a wooden dowel from the inside. ...
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Q: How long does it take to break in a bearing?

A: Unfortunately, it is not an exact science. Most bearings are packed in thick, viscous grease or with a light weight oil. As a result the bearing generally will not free spin to the touch. Over time as the lube thins out, and warms up during each use, the bearing will become much freer. So all you need to do is to use the bearing normally and it will break in naturally. The more you use the bearing the more broken in it becomes until eventually it is so broken in that it is time to replace it.

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