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Boca Bearings Fishing Newsletter: Issue 29

The second event of the year was on the Alabama River in Prattville, Alabama. Prattville was founded in 1833 and it was once home to the largest Gin Factory. There is a lot of history in the south.

But you know what is even more prominent in the south now, the hard fighting Spotted Bass. They are a little different of a species of bass and their habits are quite different as well. They love the strong current of the river and bite best when the current is so strong you can barely hold your boat in position. There are largemouth as well and they live in the backwaters and were looking to move up and spawn. They could be a major player in this event.

Practice was tough in the mornings but as Alabama power would generate (creates current) the bite would get pretty good. Definitely different fishing than I am used to. My practice partner, Aaron Richardson and I figured a little something out to catch the better spots (2.5-4 lbs) and I was ready to get the party started. ...
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Featured Product
Ceramic Orange Seal ABEC 7 Fishing Reel Bearings

Ceramic Orange Seal Fishing Reel bearing kits are an upgrade replacement to stock fishing reel bearings. These ABEC #7 bearings have ceramic balls with stainless steel races and retainers. Orange Seal bearings have a non-contact rubber seal which allows the bearing to spin freely with out any excess drag. Ceramic will never corrode; it has less rolling resistance and is lighter and than steel. As a result ceramic bearings last longer and cast longer...more

Q: How should the Orange Seal bearings be handled before being used?

A: All Orange Seal bearings with an LD (lube dry) in the part number are supplied dry, without grease or oil. AF2 in the part number means light oil and NB2 in the part number means a heavy duty grease. If your bearings are already dry they will not require any further handling. They can be run completely dry or you can add a light drop of oil to the outside seal and work the oil into the bearing. Dry bearings can be more noisy but a light drop of oil will quiet them right down. If your bearings came packed in grease or oil land you would like to clean out your bearings, you can remove the seals and soak the bearings in our Clean Touch over night. Blow the bearings dry the next day or let them air dry.

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Catch Of The Month

Large mouth bass : Where did you catch it? Lake Anna, Virginia. What did you catch it with? I was using my 7'0" spinning rod with 15lbs floro line. Using a 7" worm with a 4/0 hook with a 3/8oz bullet weight. We were out fishing on the doc after dinner and the water was about 95 degrees on the hot side of the lake because it cools the power plant.

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