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Boca Bearings Fishing Newsletter: Issue 31

Fishing reel bearings are located throughout both spinning and baitcasting reels wherever there are components that must spin/rotate. The spool, pinion gear and under drag washers, They serve to facilitate the rotation of gears, knobs, spools and even level wind devices. Without them, the term "smooth" would not be in our fishing reel vocabulary. Fishing would be more of an ordeal than the enjoyable experience it is today.

We've all heard a million times that "the more ball bearings a reel has the better the reel". Is this always true? What about ceramic bearings or these ceramic hybrid bearings we hear about? What do they offer in improved reel function and durability? Read on and let's see if we can answer these questions...
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Featured Product

The Boca Bearing Company is capable of supplying after market bearings for those Fishing Reel manufacturers listed below. If you don't see your specific model listed after you click on the manufacturer name, please fill out our Kit Info Reward form. We are willing to give you additional discount or a reward for helping us identify new information or where exactly in your application each bearing is used...more

Q: What is an ABEC Rating?

A: Precision ball bearings are manufactured to standards established by the Annular Bearing Engineers Committee (ABEC) of the American Bearing Manufacturers Association (ABMA). The ABEC and ISO bearing standards are primarily concerned with bearing tolerances. The tolerance is the permissible deviation from a specified value of a structural dimension. The higher the ABEC rating the closer the part is to being dimensionally perfect. For more information about ABEC ratings see info.

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Catch Of The Month

Musky : Where did you catch it? Saint Clair River in Algonac, Michigan. What did you catch it with? Chugging Rig I was chugging for walleye on the Saint Clair River with a Busted Ugly Stik rod that I put an Eyelet on the end(16" rod) and I had an old Penn reel on it that has no drag at all.I thought I had snagged bottom at first until after a few minutes it started to shake a bit.Well I was on the boat all alone and it took about 30 minutes before I even seen the fish

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