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Spring Savings On Fishing Lube & Tools

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Discount only applied to items featured in this email. Offer expires 5/14/2015

High Speed Oil
High Speed Oil Lightning Lube in a 12cc syringe. Ideal lubrication for any application that requires a very thin and lightweight oil for minimal friction and reduced drag. Operating temperature of -50F to +400F and a viscosity of 1875/9CS. Learn More »

Reel Power
LBT Lightning Lube - Reel Power 100ml Spray Bottle. Lubricant for all moving parts. Provides a thin film coating to improve performance and reduce corrosion. Learn More »

Grease Power
Grease Power Lightning Lube is a heavy duty, lithium based grease in a 2 oz. nozzle tube. Grease Power will greatly improve performance, reduce heat, resist corrosion and extend the life of your mechanical parts. Learn More »

Bearing Soak
LBT Lightning Lube - Bearing Soak 100ml pump bottle is specially designed to form a molecular bond with all moving metal parts. It will fill in the pores, pits and gaps typically found in chrome or stainless steel. Soaking bearings for 10-15 minutes in Lightning Lube Bearing Soak will reduce friction, decrease wear and extend life. Learn More »

Clean Touch
Clean Touch Lightning Lube 100ml Bottle. Tetrachloride and Silicone free bearing cleaner. Learn More »

Spool Pin Pliers
Fishing Reel Spool Pin Pliers are designed to make it easy for spool pin removal. Now it is a snap to remove the spool pin from a casting reel or any reel with a main spool shaft bearing. Boca's new Spool Pin Pliers are made from a special hardened alloy steel with anti-skid grips and a proprietary design to remove your spool pin in a few simple steps. Learn More »

Work Mat
Boca's new 10" x 14" Recreational Work Mat is a thick rubber mat ideal for the garage tinkerer, and quick maintenance on-site and in the pits. The recessed sections of the mats have common dimensional conversion, and built in standard and metric rulers... Learn More »

Steel Calipers
Digital Steel Caliper. Learn More »

Plastic Calipers
Caliper, Plastic, Digital, Metric and Inch, Boca Logo on Caliper, Boca Logo on Clear Plastic Case. Learn More »

Hammer Tool
F9135A Hammer Specialty Tool. Learn More »

Utility Tool
Plier Multi-Utility Tool. Learn More »

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