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Industrial Newsletter Issue 2

Longer Lasting - Greater Durability - Cost Effective - Less Friction

Because of growing process demands, standard bearings are more rapidly reaching their limits of employability. With the proper choice of bearing technology, lubricant and fit, failures can be minimized and lifetimes extended.

Andreas Nobis, Christine Kessler and Johannes Kreuser, Cerobear GmbH, Herzogenrath, Germany -- Semiconductor International, 9/1/2008.

The vacuum and semiconductor industries place very high demands on mechanical components. In the case of bearings, it is typically not possible to use the same general principles in vacuum environments that hold true under normal atmospheric conditions. For these applications, the choice of the right material, lubricant and fit is critical. Learn More »

Radial Bearings
The purpose of a radial bearing is to reduce rotational friction and support loads. This is achieved by using two races to hold the balls and to spread the load through the balls. As the bearing race rotates it causes the balls to rotate. The ball provides for substantially less rolling resistance and coefficient of friction than if two flat surfaces were rotating...Learn More »

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