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Industrial Newsletter Issue 4

The traditional clockmaker usually frowns at the suggestion that ball bearings may be used in clocks, but even the famous English clockmaker, John Harrison, attempted to make a caged ball bearing and did make anti-friction wheels. However, in his quest to miniaturize the chronometer, he replaced this early use of anti-friction wheels with tiny jewelled journal bearings.

I am sure that if miniature bearings of the quality and price of today had been available in Harrison’s time, he would have jumped at them with glee!

Many amateur clockmakers of today do use ball bearings for the great wheel arbor, or if month going, also the intermediate arbor, since these are all heavily loaded. But what about the higher order arbors right up to the escape wheel arbor, or even the pallet arbor? Learn More »

Starting from the rigorous testing of the wire for all crucial factors, balls are produced in specifically designed machines called Headder, Flasher, Grinder and Lapper. Heat treatment is one of the most important operations that give required strength & hardness to the balls. Heat treatment makes the balls tough and wear resistant. Different materials can be used and are outlined below, if you cannot find what you are looking for please feel free to contact us directly. ...Learn More »

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