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Industrial Newsletter Issue 6

Engineers must understand that sleeve-bearing operation to specify the right grease for longer bearing life.

Grease is thickened oil. Sound simple, right? But Lubricating bearing with grease is much more complex than that, in both benefits and drawbacks.

Grease lubricates cast bronze, aluminum-bronze, or tin-bronze sleeve bearings up to 15 in. in size with surface speeds up to 20fpm. The friction modifying lubricant film it provides minimizes wear at low speeds, under shock loads, during start-and-stop cycling, and while reversing direction. Learn More »

Insert Bearings
Insert bearings and wide inner ring bearings are used for mounting on shafts without the need for shoulders or adapters. The bearing is locked in place through setscrews or a locking collar. UC Style Insert Bearings have an inner ring that extends on both sides of the bearing and SB Style Insert Bearings extend on one side. Both designs however are intended to provide extra shaft support...Learn More »

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