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Boca Bearings Newsletter: Issue 20
Mini Mounted Unit Bearings have a rustproof housing made with a special alloy or stainless steel 304 with bearings made from high carbon chromium bearing steel or stainless steel 440C. Low profile mini mounted units are ideally suited for tight spaces and characteristically exhibit excellent stiffness, mechanical strength and dimensional stability. Pillow Block and Two Bolt Flange styles are available now. Selection of the appropriate bearing can be accomplished with knowledge of the shaft size and radial and thrust load requirements. Metric shaft sizes of 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 25, 30 and 35 mm...more »
Industrial lubricants are oils, greases and other substances designed to reduce friction, binding or wear. Specialized characteristics may enhance thermal conduction or reduce electrical resistivity. Other industrial lubricants can provide sealing against moisture. Industrial lubricants are available in many forms such as low viscosity oils..more »
Solar Cars and Concept car competitions have become a critical means for bringing new automotive technologies to market. The Boca Bearing Company has been an industry leader in reducing rolling resistance and conserving energy since 1987. We offer a full line of ceramic hybrid bearings and full ceramic bearings specifically designed for today's high tech, low friction concept car applications. Whether you are just looking to replace an old bearing or you are seeking a competitive advantage, we have you covered. Various ABEC tolerances, radial plays, retainer styles and seal/shield configurations are available...more »
Lightning Lube Technology is specially designed to form a molecular bond with all moving metal parts within any application. Use it to reduce friction, improve performance, decrease wear and extend life. Lightning Lube can be used when installing new bearings and components or to preserve your existing bearings and components..more »
Q: Do mounted unit bearings have seals or shields and can they be removed?

A: Mounted Unit Bearings will come with either a removable seal or a fixed shield. A seal typically can always be removed and put back on, but a fixed shield will need to be punctured to be removed and it will not be possible to replace a fixed shield once it is taken off.

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