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Boca Bearings Newsletter: Issue 5
Featuring Bearing Type: Grooved Bearing
Boca Bearings offers an assortment of grooved bearings for use in patio doors, pulleys, yoyos and other specialty applications. Grooved bearings come in three different styles: V-Groove, U-Groove and G-Groove.. more »
Industrial lubricants are oils, greases and other substances designed to reduce friction, binding or wear. Specialized characteristics may enhance thermal conduction or reduce electrical resistivity. Other industrial lubricants can provide sealing against moisture. Industrial lubricants are available in many forms such as low viscosity oils..more »
Featuring Bearing Application: Longboard
High quality Longboard bearings are essential to achieving as little rolling resistance as possible. High quality bearings are crucial to any gravity powered sport like downhill longboard and slalom longboard racing.

Boca Bearings sells three different styles of longboard bearings that can vary in precision and price. A standard all steel bearing is the most economical and the most comparable to the bearings that come stock in typical longboards. Ceramic hybrids are a great upgrade for anyone looking to achieve less rolling resistance at an affordable price. Ceramic hybrid bearings have steel races and ceramic balls.. more »
Lightning Lube Technology is specially designed to form a molecular bond with all moving metal parts within any application. Use it to reduce friction, improve performance, decrease wear and extend life. Lightning Lube can be used when installing new bearings and components or to preserve your existing bearings and components..more »
Q: What is an ABEC Rating?

A: Precision ball bearings are manufactured to standards established by the Annular Bearing Engineers Committee (ABEC) of the American Bearing Manufacturers Association (ABMA). The ABEC and ISO bearing standards are primarily concerned with bearing tolerances. The tolerance is the permissible deviation from a specified value of a structural dimension. The higher the ABEC rating the closer the part is to being dimensionally perfect.

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