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Boca Bearings Newsletter: Issue 8
Featuring Bearing Type: Matched Pair Bearings
Matched Pair bearings are Angular contact ball bearings that are suitable for applications that require high accuracy and high-speed performance. Bearings with a smaller contact angle are more suitable for high-speed rotation; those with a larger contact angle are more suitable for high load applications. Angular contact ball bearings are often preloaded to enhance their rigidity and rotating performance. For high-precision matched pair angular contact ball bearings of class 5 or higher.. more »
Industrial lubricants are oils, greases and other substances designed to reduce friction, binding or wear. Specialized characteristics may enhance thermal conduction or reduce electrical resistivity. Other industrial lubricants can provide sealing against moisture. Industrial lubricants are available in many forms such as low viscosity oils..more »
Featuring Bearing Application: RC Engine Bearings
The Boca Bearing Company has been an industry leader in RC Engine bearing replacement since 1987. Reducing rolling resistance and conserving energy has been our hallmark. We offer a full line of standard & ceramic hybrid bearings specifically designed for today's demanding RC Engines. Various ABEC tolerances, radial plays, retainer styles.. more »
Lightning Lube Technology is specially designed to form a molecular bond with all moving metal parts within any application. Use it to reduce friction, improve performance, decrease wear and extend life. Lightning Lube can be used when installing new bearings and components or to preserve your existing bearings and components..more »
Q: Should I remove the shields or seals from my engine bearings?

A: If your Front bearing has two rubber seals you should not remove them. These bearings have their own grease and can help stop oil leaks. If your bearing has two shields, we recommend you remove one of them. Your Rear bearing should be open on both sides to allow as much fuel as possible to pass through and act as a lubricant. You may however want leave one shield on in the rear which would help to protect the rest of the engine from any foreign matter getting through. This should not be done with one seal. If you find your engine is stingy in getting fuel to the rear, you should definitely leave the bearing open.

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