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Boca Bearings RC Newsletter: Issue 15

First of all make sure you have a nice clean working enviroment, and that you have cleaned all parts of your model that you will be working on. Today we will be replacing all outer wheel bearings and also the knuckles that are part of the new active caster front end. First we will work on the front.

First remove the upper arm from the front hub by removing the 3mm allen head screw that attaches it, then remove the steering link from the hub by way of the 2mm screw as shown in photo...more »

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Kit Used In Video

RC Brushless Motor Orange Seal Ceramic bearing kits are the true secret weapon for serious RC racers. ABEC #7 tolerances makes the Orange Seal line the closest precision tolerance that Boca Bearings has to offer...more

Q: Do ceramic bearings offer significant weight savings over traditional steel bearings?

Ceramic hybrids that have steel races and ceramic balls do not offer a significant weight savings as only the balls are ceramic. Full ceramic bearings however do offer a significant weight savings by about 2/3 the weight of traditional steel bearings. Unfortunately full ceramic bearings are not appropriate for many RC applications.
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