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Boca Bearings RC Newsletter: Issue 2

FRONT BEARING : It is recommended that one of the shields be removed and that the bearing is installed with the shielded side facing the outside of the engine. For Boca Bearing's rubber sealed engine bearings however, it is recommended that you leave both seals on. The bearing is already filled with grease so it does not need the fuel to lubricate it. This also allows more fuel to get to the rear bearing and to help stop leakage through the front bearing.

REAR BEARING : For maximum lubrication, both shields may be removed from the rear (large) bearing. However, removing one shield will still allow the fuel/lubricant to flow through the bearing and this method offers the added advantage of providing protection to the chamber area by eliminating the possibility of any foreign matter or contaminants passing through. Either method is acceptable, it's really a matter of preference. If one shield is left in place, the bearing should be installed with the open part of the bearing facing the small bearing in front....more

Kit Used In Video
HPI Engine Bearings

Ceramic High Performance bearing kits come with a high speed retainer that can handle 15% more Rpm's. In most cases the front bearings are supplied with rubber seals (2RU) which helps stop leakage through the front of the engine. Metal shields (ZZ) will be supplied in some cases where the sealed version is not available. These bearings have ceramic balls, a high speed retainer and a C3 fit. Ceramic hybrids are lighter, capable of achieving higher RPM's and sustaining higher operating temperatures than traditional bearings...more

Q: How to remove bearings from my RC Engine?

A: Place your engine housing in an oven at 325°-350° for 5 to 10 minutes. When you remove it from the oven your old bearings should fall right out, if not heat the engine a little longer. We also suggest you place your bearings inside a ziploc bag and keep them in the freezer overnight. Then slip the bearings into the engine while it is still slightly warm. These instructional videos show how to remove and install RC Nitro Engine Bearings Part 1, how to remove and install RC Nitro Engine Bearings part 2.
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