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Boca Bearings RC Newsletter: Issue 4

Today were going to talk about the proper use of thrust bearings for the Xtreme framed V120's.

In case nobody was aware nearly all larger helis use a combination of radial bearings and thrust bearings in the head support. There are plenty of good reasons for this besides the fact that it's the mechanically correct method for reducing friction on a helicopter head.

I decided that the standard issued radial bearings that my Xtreme frame came with weren't doing the best possible job of reducing friction. This was evidenced with the fact that if I over- tightened the collar just a hair it would bind the radial bearings up big time. It made no difference if the tail gear was on or not so this wasn't caused by a gear mesh problem.

This apparent binding, due to side axial loading a radial bearing, is what happens every time you use pitch in either direction. Placing high axial loads on radial bearings is mechanically incorrect, IMO this can lead to premature bearing ware and lots extra friction...more »

Kit Used In Video
Align Trex 450 Bearings

RC Helicopter Ceramic Lightning, metal shielded bearing kits have ceramic balls, with stainless steel races, shields and retainers. Ceramic hybrids are lighter, capable of achieving higher RPM's and sustaining higher operating temperatures than traditional bearings. Bearings that are packed in grease will require a short break in period to loosen up. Grease can be removed before shipping upon request....more

Q: When should I replace my bearings?

A: If you have gone through the cleaning steps outlined above and your bearings begin to feel gritty or notchie to the touch, they should be replaced. When bearings sit idle for a long time they must be protected from any and all moisture. This is a common problem when storing small RC engines. If any moisture has gotten to the bearings, they will need to be replaced before using the engine again.
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