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Boca Bearings RC Newsletter: Issue 8

I swapped my 700MX bearings for Boca Orange Seal Ceramic bearings right away. I wanted to run Align motors, but listened to the feedback here on RR on early bearing issues. So I went Boca from the start.
I took some pictures to show the process in case anyone wants to do bearings and was apprehensive about the process.

High level summary of steps
- preheat oven to 225 degrees
- remove rear grub screws securing shaft in back of case
- heat the motor for ten minutes to loosen bearings
- Push shaft out of case
- remove old bearings
- install new bearings
- reassemble motor
- replace rear grub screws.

Remove the two grub screws. They are inside the rear fan slots, set 90 degrees apart....more »

Kit Used In Video
Outrage Fusion 50 bearings

RC Helicopter Ceramic Lightning, metal shielded bearing kits have ceramic balls, with stainless steel races, shields and retainers. Ceramic hybrids are lighter, capable of achieving higher RPM's and sustaining higher operating temperatures than traditional bearings. Bearings that are packed in grease will require a short break in period to loosen up. Grease can be removed before shipping upon request....more

Q: Do your bearings come with a warranty?

A: Unfortunately, there is never an explicit warranty with bearings. Bearings do eventually wear out and every application, setup and operator is different. It is very difficult to calculate life expectancy without having extremely detailed data about your application. However, Boca Bearings has been in business since 1987 and we stand behind our product 100%. We will always replace or exchange any bearings that we determine to have failed prematurely.
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Videos Wanted! Get FREE bearings in return
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