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Your ball bearings can take a lot of stress and abuse as they battle against friction, dirt, and physical forces. Flat surfaces on the balls will eventually develop when smaller particles get inside the bearing. This gives you a "gritty" feel, and can cause damage to other moving parts, such as spur gears that don't spin true on shafts that are supported by damaged bearings. Steel shielded bearings are more prone to getting dirty inside than Boca Bearings Green Seal or Ultra Seal bearings, which are maintenance free and lubed for life.

The first step to cleaning your bearings is to just soak them overnight in a bath of paint thinner or brake fluid. This helps to dissolve and break down the grease that the manufacturer packed the bearings with. Then allow the bearings to air dry or you can even blow them out with compressed air to remove all traces of excess lube. Now place a small drop of oil on the shield and give the bearing a spin. If the bearing still feels gritty, repeat the above steps. In our next issue of the Boca Bearings Tips & Advice Newsletter we will discuss bearing replacement.
 - Boca Bearing Product Highlight -  
Our Midas Touch line of lubricants form a microscopically smooth molecular bond that permanently adheres to the entire contact area. It also fills in surface imperfections, pits, gaps and even repairs the ravages of corrosion. All Boca Bearing lubricants come with a 30-day, money back guarantee.

Midas Power:
Our Midas Air Power is specially formulated for use with RC Airplanes, Helicopters and ducted fan engines. Midas Marine Power is designed for aquatic environments that are particularly hard on metal surface. Midas Road Power will protect the bearings in your hot, gas powered vehicles. Midas Train Power is ideal for all chassis components including truck block bushings or bearings and pickup rollers.

Midas Grease: Midas Train Grease is perfect for applying to the locomotive's worm gear, bronze drive gear, outside truck block idler and drive gears. Midas Heli Rotor Grease improves performance by reducing heat, extending tail rotor life and resisting corrosion. Midas Marine Cable Grease bonds to the metal to create nearly a frictionless surface and improves performance by reducing heat, extending cable life and resisting corrosion.

 - Rewards -  
The Boca Bearing Company is always looking to have the most up to date and accurate information as we possibly can. We are more than happy to pay you an instant Reward if you are able to provide information regarding an RC Model, Fishing Reel, Bicycle Hub, Inline Skate or Skateboard that we are not currently listing. If you are the FIRST to provide us with accurate information we will send you your choice of a 10% Discount Coupon or a 4-oz. bottle of our Midas Touch Lubricant ($13.95 Value.)
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