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If your Front engine bearing has two rubber seals you should not remove them. These bearings have their own grease and can help stop oil leaks. If your bearing has two shields, we recommend you remove one of them. For instructions on removing your shields take a look at this Help Section.

Your Rear engine bearing should be open on both sides to allow as much fuel as possible to pass through and act as a lubricant. You may however want leave one shield on in the rear which would help to protect the rest of the engine from any foreign matter getting through. This should not be done with one seal. If you find your engine is stingy in getting fuel to the rear, you should definitely leave the bearing open.

In our next issue of the Boca Bearings Tips & Advice Newsletter we will show you how to remove your bearing shields.
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It is normal for fuel to slightly leak out of the front bearing from the crankcase of a nitro engine because it is not a perfect seal there and the inside of the crankcase is pressurized. Other than that fuel should not leak out of your engine in any other place. So, not only must you have good seals in the top part of the cylinder - around the head gasket, the glow plug, and, of course, the piston itself - but you must also have good sealing in the lower part of the crankcase. This involves the seal on the backplate, on the front bearing housing and at the front bearing area of the crankshaft.

The solution is Boca Bearings High Performance Engine Bearing series. Designed with our exclusive 2RU rubber seal technology. The High Performance Series were created specifically to eliminate fuel leakage problems and to provide better compression in your engine. If you are experiencing the dreaded spray out of the front of your engine, HP bearings will substantially increase your over-all performance.
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