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Certain applications call for your bearings to be open or without any shields or seals. For a typical bearing diagram take a look at our Engineering Guide. Keep in mind that altering your bearings in most cases will void any warranty they may have come with. But if you still need to remove the enclosures keep reading...

For fixed metal shields you should use an awl. Place the awl on the shield toward the outer race. Punch down lightly until you make a small hole. Then peel the shield back with the awl. Removeable metal shields are held in place with a retaining ring. Run a sewing needle along the inside of the outer race to pop out the retainer. Once the retainer is removed the shield should pop out with a light tap. To remove a rubber seal use a pen knife or sharp pointed object. In most cases the rubber cannot be re-used.
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We list bearing sizes for most major brands of fishing reels including Shimano, Abu Garcia, Newell, Penn, Daiwa and many more. All of our fishing reel bearings are rated at ABEC #5 or #7. If you cannot find your particular model listed, you can search by dimension or send your old bearings directly to us and we'll find what you need.

Fishing Reel Cross Reference Guide: Listing of fishing reel manufacturers and models, as well as individual bearings and kits.

Ceramic Lightning Series: Boca Bearing Company is proud to introduce a very affordable, ceramic solution for your fishing reels. These high tech bearings are ABEC #5's and are going to make your fishing reel purr like a kitten.
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The Boca Bearing Company is always looking to have the most up to date and accurate information as we possibly can. We are more than happy to pay you an instant Reward if you are able to provide information regarding an RC Model, Fishing Reel, Bicycle Hub, Inline Skate or Skateboard that we are not currently listing. If you are the FIRST to provide us with accurate information we will send you your choice of a 10% Discount Coupon or a 4-oz. bottle of our Midas Touch Lubricant ($13.95 Value.)
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