bicycle bearing maintenance installation



Ceramic Hybrid Bearings and Full Ceramic Bearings require proper installation to ensure optimal performance. Do not use any kind of blunt force or jarring impact such as striking the bearings directly or indirectly with any kind of hammer, rubber mallet or socket wrench. The best method for installation is one that evenly pulls or pushes the bearing in from both sides at a straight angle. A vice or Boca's Bearing Installer Tool is suggested.


If your bearings start to feel gritty or noisy it is most likely a result of dirt or debris getting under the seal or shield. Your bearing's life can be extended with a simple cleaning and re-lubing process. If you are not comfortable doing the maintenance yourself you can send your bearings to Boca Bearings and we will do it for you free of charge.


Removable metal shields have a c-clip that hold the shield in place. The c-clip can be removed by running a pin around the inside of the outer race, once the clip is removed the shield with pop right out. To remove seals from the ceramic hybrids or teflon shields from the full ceramic bearings, you can just gently put a pin or awl under the inside lip of the inner race and pry the seal off of the bearing. Soak your bearings overnight in our Clean Touch bearing cleaner or any standard degreaser, then blow the bearings dry with compressed air or allow them to air dry over night. Depending on your desired goal you may want to relube with either our High Speed Oil or Grease Power. Typically you will want to use grease for off-road or dirty riding environments and a light oil for on-road or clean riding environments.




Full ceramic and ceramic hybrid bearings are relatively new technology in the bike market. The chemical properties of ceramic bearings absolutely offer a competitive advantage in terms of performance due to a reduction in rolling resistance and weight. However we have been seeing a small percentage of premature failures under various setups, components, weights of riders and environments. If you experience any problems with your bearings, we offer full support from product exchange to finding a satisfactory working solutions. 100% customer satisfaction is always our goal.







Move an awl or dental tool around the inside of the outer race to locate the end of the c-clip.

Pry up one end of the c-clip.

Completely remove c-clip.

Wedge your tool against the edge of the remaining shield.

Completely remove shield.


Using an awl or dental tool gently pierce a small hole into the shield as far toward the outer diameter as possible.

Place bearing on flat surface.

Insert tool into puncture hole.

Slowly pry shield from bearing.

Completely remove shield.










Using an awl or dental tool locate the inside edge of the outer race.

Gently wedge the tool under the edge of the seal.

Completely remove seals.