Boca Bearings Workshop Weekly Update 2

Boca Bearings Workshop Weekly Update 2

Oct 03, 2017

Kurtis Rodriques

Pi-Zero Drone: 


This week I made the silicate elastomer mixture of cornstarch and silicon I* to make tires for the drone. I didn't expect the mixing of the ingredients to be as messy as it was, but the finished product turned out to be a great success. The drone now has good traction on slippery concrete. The only down side to the new tires is that the shape of one of them is a tad lumpy which occasionally alters the direction of the bot. I should be able to fix that by shaving off some material. 


weekly report weekly report


Aside from fixing the “lumpy” tire, I plan on obtaining new hardware that is more fitting for the drone (m2/3 hardware). I also plan on going through the current instructions that John has to make sure that they cover everything thoroughly for building a similar unit. 


weekly report weekly report


Hot Wheels Car:


Update 1: On Monday I finished drawing the last part for the handle adapter. Today (9/29) I’m printing it out to perform a test fit and a stress test.


Update 2: Andrew and I just tested out the handle adapters and we are considering taking a different approach for the throttle. 


Update 3: Andrew, Bryan, and I talked over how the throttle setup should be and that resulted in no more 3-D printing. Instead, we will now be focusing on using metal piping and some bearings in order to withstand a load that would be applied to the handle. 




I put the rudder attachment on the rear of the boat. I have been having some trouble getting a good linkage for the servo and the rudders but next week I plan on making the linkage solid.