Introducing Miami artist maker and robot sculptor Jorge Roldan

Introducing Miami artist maker and robot sculptor Jorge Roldan

Aug 09, 2017

Jorge Roldan

My name is Jorge Roldan -- I was born in Los Angeles and raised in Miami.


I went to the International Fine Arts college in the early 1990s and graduated from F.I.U with a bachelors in Commercial Design.


Since I graduated from college I dabbled in painting mostly and illustrated cartoon strips for friends and family and an occasional local newspaper. I am presently a graphic designer and art director, handling everything from Logos to Package design.


About six years ago I saw a wonderful "Robot Sculpture' that caught my eye. I thought to myself I could build on that idea and there was the answer to my craving to make something 3D.


As a designer, work was not flowing and I figured to give robot sculpture a shot. The main body of the robot was made from an old Atari game cartridge as its main body. The robot sculpture alone ended up in a French magazine and an I received an invitation to a show in Paris, France.


By then I knew I was onto something. I now work as a self employed graphic designer and sculptor.


My sculptures can be found in homes all over the United States.


jorge roldan


jorge roldan


I started with sculptures with a coconut picked up in my front yard; chopped the front off to get a nice large hole, got some pieces of junk and antiques from my shed. The result -- a wonderful "Fish Sculpture", which currently resides in a mansion in Manhattan Beach, California.


I love the beauty of the textures each piece features. I try not to paint my robots, so you can see the textures each piece of the robot presents. On the other hand shapes come into form and remind me of something else.


I let my imagination run, and junk turns into something NEW again. Like a NASA Space suit or a cool deep sea "monster" fish.


I'll paint patterns on my robots, too, sometimes.


You'll see my Robot Sculptures and think, man I think I saw this robot somewhere in a movie or an old sci-fi magazine.


jorge roldan


jorge roldan


jorge roldan


I am grateful that I can make things out of pure junk, and be so HAPPY to own something that I normally would not be able to afford.


Each piece is well thought out when made. Balance and weight are everything. They are also built almost like a real robot, indestructible. My robot sculptures are my life.


They are hard to part with when they sell. But I always tell myself as long as I am around I can build a new one that unfortunately will never be the same as the last.


Which is OK!


I love my small fan base. I am grateful to them also.


For those who read this bio, I accept all sorts of donated old broken antiques, old chairs, etc. Any old piece of junk, old radio, camera , tea pot...I would be glad to turn that piece into a cool robot for you.


This way you can remember something older that you have in a preserved piece of art.


Check out my website:


Jorge Roldan