Lawn Mower: Rear Axle Conversion

Lawn Mower: Rear Axle Conversion

Feb 14, 2022

Boca Bearings

The solid rear axle conversion has been going smoothly with no major hiccups along the way.  The only thing that has been very time consuming is waiting for parts to come in so we can get to work.  We did have to modify the brake disk mount a bit for the holes to line up but other than that the fit for the parts have been good. 

            The next step is to mount the rear brake caliper and then fire her up for a test on some jack stands to check clearances and belt tension.  We would also like to practice shifting the transmission into gear before we do a full road test.  I would also like to address the exhaust once we know the mower is fully operational.  Although the stacks look cool and attract attention, a more low profile setup under the vehicle would be better in the long run.  It’s just going to take some time to fabricate properly.