fishing industry secret customize performance of reels

 A Fishing Industry Secret – Customize the Performance of Your Reels


Bilbrey, M. September 17th, 2012


If you read last months issue of Anglers Access Magazine I shared this information in that publication and now I am doing a rewrite for my readers on WFN and Facebook.This new trend (or an old secret) that anglers are setting with their fishing gear is the modification tuning and customizing of their reels to high performance fishing machines caught my attention and surprised  me that so many anglers have never heard of this tip. By replacing stock reel parts with faster bearings, lighter spools, high performance braking systems, customized handles, full bearing supported knobs, making a good reel into a precision instrument for competition fishing. Many off the shelf reels deliver poor performance with the original bearings, and excelled with custom bearings, the difference being a noticeable difference in casting the distance, even with new generation reels, the added distance greatly improves catching chances in clear water where the distance matters the most. An average increase of distance of thirty feet or more can be obtained. The least expensive upgrade to your gear can boost an angler's performance when it counts the most, when money is on the line. Just imagine the difference it would make to be able to cast a crankbait an additional 12 yards? Or a top water popper an extra 25 feet? How many more fish would that increase the chances of catching in that distance? It is possible to gain longer cast.       

 The Boca Bearing Company is known as the industry leader in fishing reel bearing replacement and has been continually improving for more than twenty years. Reducing rolling resistance and conserving energy has been the success of the company. By developing a full range of aftermarket fishing reel bearings for all the leading reel manufacturers including Shimano, Daiwa, Penn, Abu Garcia and many others they have set the standard for the customization of performance fishing equipment. Standard & Ceramic Hybrid, Stainless Steel fishing reel bearings are available for all of the popular fishing reels. Ceramic by its nature is lighter and harder than steel when it is in ball form and it is virtually frictionless because it is a non-porous material. A ceramic hybrid bearing has steel races with ceramic balls. These bearings will never corrode or rust.     

 To make things easier for anglers, they have compiled bearing kits and have listed them according to the manufacturer and model of the fishing reels that the bearings will fit. Just a click on the search by the Fishing Reel Brand or use the Brand Search at the top of any page of their web site and you're on the way to one of the best kept secrets in the fishing industry.     

This video is a demonstration how quickly and easily it is to replace the bearings for just one reel, an Abu Garcia 5600.



 The Boca Bearing Company is capable of supplying aftermarket bearings many Fishing Reel manufacturers. If you don't see your specific model listed after you click on the manufacturer name, just fill out the Kit Info Reward form and they will give you an additional discount or a reward for helping to identify new information or where exactly in your application each bearing is used. Econo Power Fishing Reel Bearing Kits are the most affordable way to replace stock bearings. These bearings are ABEC #5 tolerances with stainless steel races, balls, retainers and shields. All their fishing reel bearings are supplied dry, no grease or oil however, lube can be added upon your request.       

 No more excuses for short cast, improve the performance of your reels and your fishing at the same time. Your time on the water is valuable weather you're a competition angler or a father just trying to spend some quality time with your children. Make the most out of each cast and catch those fish that you thought were unreachable before you read this article. However professional over run's are still possible even with upgraded equipment. 

Happy Fishing! 


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