Fishtacular Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Fishtacular Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Everybody knows someone who loves to fish. Maybe it’s a family member or significant other, or maybe it’s a friend or co-worker, it might even be you. In any case, that angler on your list is sure to appreciate our list of awesome fishing gift ideas.


Beyond the Rod and Reel


It doesn’t matter if they’re into fly fishing, whitewater, surf, or ice fishing, one thing all anglers seem to have in common is they are all very particular about their chosen gear. 


That’s why this gift guide looks beyond rods and reels to offer solid gift ideas that should appeal to any angler.




Deeper PRO+ 2 Sonar Fish Finder 


This is a great gift for any angler, especially those who love gadgets. The Deeper Pro+ 2 is a castable fish finder that connects with your smartphone to help you see what’s going on beneath the surface. It is extremely accurate up to 330 ft. and includes its own GPS tracking, allowing it to create underwater maps that can be saved to your phone’s app.


The Deeper Pro+ 2 is a real game changer that can help you take your fishing game to the next level.


Fishoholic Polarized Fishing Sunglasses


Fishing is an outdoor sport, so of course every angler needs a favorite pair of sunglasses to fish with. And what’s not to love about these cool polarized shades from Fishoholic? They come in a variety of color options, with wide sides to reduce glare, and are made of a flexible composite material to stand up to the great outdoors.


Yeti 28L Waterproof Backpack


Here’s another cool gift idea that your fishing fan is not likely to get for themselves. Yeti’s Panga backpack is both spacious and airtight, making it ideal for fishing everywhere. Whether you’re wading into a creek or taking your gear out on a boat, you can be sure to keep your phone, wallet, lunch and gear safe and dry all the way. If the backpack is not large enough, Yeti also offers a fully submersible waterproof duffel bag.


Thermacell MR 300V Portable Mosquito Repeller


Those who love fishing feel the opposite way about mosquitoes. But unfortunately, the flying, biting pests tend to hang out in most places where fish can be found. This handy gadget is a great solution, especially for anglers who hate the smell (and feel) of liquid insect repellents.


The Thermacell MR 300V is completely portable, and creates a 15-foot zone of protection around it, allowing you to fish in peace. Powered by a refillable butane fuel cartridge, it requires neither cords nor batteries, making it perfect for the most  remote outings.


Bubba Stainless Steel Pliers


These heavy duty pliers are destined to become every fisherman’s favorite tool. Made of high-quality stainless steel coated with titanium and featuring a rugged non-slip grip, these pliers are built to stand up to just about any environment.


KastKing Sol Aramis Fishing Gloves


Fishing gloves are often not something anglers think they need, until they try them. These cool gloves from KastKing really help keep a solid grip on your rod, and provide SPF50+ UV protection at the same time. The fingerless design allows you to effortlessly work your lures or your phone, and sewn in tabs make it as easy to remove them as it is to put them on.


Benchmade Grizzly Creek Drop Point Fishing Knife


This is a small gift that packs a big punch. Known for making some of the best quality pocket knives in the world, Benchmade has pulled out all the stops to produce possibly the best folding fishing knife ever made. Featuring a locking drop-point blade, stabilized wood handle, and built-in gut hook, this is the ultimate all-purpose tool for anyone who loves to fish or hunt.


Happy Gifting


We hope this list helps give you some ideas for filling those holiday needs for the anglers in your life. Have a wonderful holiday season!