Better than New Got a New RC Car for Xmas? Well...

Better than New



Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a brand new and shiny RC right out of the box. For most people, this is probably the best it will ever run. But you’re not most people, or you wouldn’t be reading this. So why settle for stock when you can tweak your ride?


This down and dirty guide to help you go straight to the next level.


Forget the Grease

Grease is a standard for moving interior parts, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best option. The experts know that there is a whole world of next generation lubricants that significantly outperform grease. Try some lightning lube.


Break it In

Everyone has their own method of “breaking in” a new vehicle. But what matters most is the engine. If you have an electric engine, you’ll want to run it for a few hours while connected to power (or a 3-volt battery) to allow the bushings to conform to the shape of the armature. This ensures a more thorough power throughput.


If you have a nitro car, you’ll want to run it through a couple tanks of fuel at fairly low speeds before you try taking it through its paces. This allows the carb to warm faster, and clears out the engine so it’s ready for business.


Change Gears

By changing the gear ratio on your engine, you can adjust your vehicle to your driving style or the kind of track you drive on. You’re going to want to change the pinion (small metal gear) and/or the spur (large plastic gear) as follows.

Larger (more teeth) on the pinion and/or smaller (less teeth) on the spur will yield a higher top speed. The opposite (smaller pinion and larger spur) will yield greater acceleration. Experiment to find your own personal sweet spot between the two.


Ceramic Bearings

Come on, you knew we were gonna go here. But the truth is that ceramic balls are about 4 times smoother than steel bearings, and almost twice as strong. That smoothness equates to less friction and higher speeds. Plus greater durability, lower maintenance, etc. 


Those are our tips. Got some of your own to share? Send them to us at Earn free bearings, swag and more!