Boca Bearings Launches New Brand

Boca Bearings Launches New Brand

Family-owned business renews itself for its landmark 35th year



BOYNTON BEACH, FLORIDA, November 1, 2021 – The year was 1987, gas cost about 89 cents per gallon, “The Simpsons” were making their TV debut, and Allen Baum began selling ball bearings to radio controlled car enthusiasts.


“Wherever the RC people would meet up, for rallies or races or what have you,” Baum remembered, “I would go and set up a table and sell my bearings to everyone in that community.” 


Much like the Simpsons, Baum would keep at it for the next 35 years.


He founded the company under the name “Boca Bearings,” and expanded his audience to include anglers looking to upgrade their fishing reels, bicyclists, motorcyclists, skateboarders, as well as manufacturers of everything from MRI machines to 3D printers. Boca Bearings even supplied bearings for scientists in the search for dark matter and the creation of a 10,000-year clock.


Now, the family-owned company is celebrating its 35th anniversary with the launch of a fresh new brand.


“We have come so far as a company,” said Baum, “the old brand just isn’t who we are anymore.”


His son, Jason Flanzbaum, who serves as the company President, agreed. “We have always been forward-thinking innovators in this industry, and that aspect is now captured in our new brand.”


“For example,” Flanzbaum noted, “Boca Bearings was one of the very first to introduce ceramic bearings to American consumer markets.” Today, ceramic ball bearings are a billion-dollar market, about a twentieth of the $21 billion global market for ball bearings, which is exactly where the company’s growth is leading to.


Both Flanzbaum and Baum attribute their success to being there when their customers need them.


“We have a huge inventory of over 9,000 different products,” said Flanzbaum. “During the recent pandemic when everything became hard to get, we were one of the only suppliers able to fill orders and provide the bearings needed to make life-saving medical ventilators, for example.”


“Staying ahead of our customers’ needs has always been to our advantage,” said Baum. “It’s what differentiates us from everyone else in this business.”


Baum is also quick to point out another key advantage for the company.


“This is a great business, and we are very fortunate to have great suppliers, along with amazing staff and incredible customers who have been with us for years,” said Baum. “If anyone deserves the credit for 35 years in business, it’s them, and I thank them for it.”


“I’m really proud of this company, and everything my father has accomplished,” Flanzbaum said. “But the real story here is not the 35 years that are behind us, but the many years ahead, starting with 2022, which is going to be absolutely huge for us.”



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