From STEM to Blossom Doing our part for better education

From STEM to Blossom Doing our part for better education


If you ask professional educators, or just about anyone who’s spent some time thinking about how we educate our young people, and you’ll probably hear that STEM is the key to our combined future. STEM stands for “Science Technology Engineering Mathematics,” a quartet of fields that happen to be very close to our innovative thinking, hearts and our industry.


That’s why we’re proud to be launching our Momentum initiative. Currently, Momentum has two elements: Accel scholarships for students planning to pursue Mechanical Engineering degrees, and the Torque internship program.


This is how Boca Bearings  is “setting engineering careers in motion.”


At the moment, we are only offering Accel scholarships to students in Palm Beach County, Florida, where we are headquartered. But our goal is to expand the program as interest grows. Applications close April 28. Click here to apply


Our Torque internship program has actually been operating for several years. Students in the program are tasked with creating their own engineering challenge, and supplied with materials and a workspace filled with tools (the Torqueworks)  in order to solve it. You can see some of the projects our interns have tackled and are tackling on our blog.


We are very excited about the Momentum program, and are exploring ways that it can be expanded in the future. If you have any suggestions, we hope you will give us a call at 

(800) 332-3256.


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