To A Far Better Year


Thoughts at the end of 2020




By most assessments, 2020 was not a good year. For many, it was historically awful, terrible, or even downright horrific. 

Even if you managed to avoid the global pandemic, or the civil and financial strife that have defined this year, chances are that you still experienced the stress and anxiety, or at the very least, felt mired in compassion for those that did. 


We can relate.


As a business, we must keep an eye on our bottom line, however our biggest concern is our customer. We have been in business long enough to recognize that behind every purchase order is a person with hopes and aspirations, just like us. Our customers purchase our bearings because they want something better. Whether it is a longer cast, or a quicker lap time, or just more time before they have to perform maintenance again, every one of our transactions is filled with hope.


This is part of what drives us to overperform in our customer service. To sponsor events and competitors, and to develop innovative new products that our customers will love.


We know that bearings aren’t life-changing (unless they're used in medical devices), or even all that exciting for most people. They are small, yet they are essential for making wheels and reels spin, and in that regard they make the world a better place.


This is our aim as well. This year, we tried to do our small part to help our customers after a challenging year with Rollvember, one of our biggest sales ever. And then, just to make sure, we extended it for a full month until the end of 2020. 


In all likelihood, the challenges that made 2020 so difficult will not end when the ball drops on New Year’s eve. Problems will persist. Nature will run its course. On a positive note, our commitment to our customers will remain as usual; strong and certain. The only thing that will change for sure is the calendar. 


But it is our sincere hope that regardless of the course ahead, 2021’s severity may be diminished through the thoughtful, caring actions of others. People you know, and people you don’t know. All of us, doing our own small, yet essential part to make the world a better place.


Whatever happens, you can be sure that we will be here, doing our best for you. Through good years and bad. That’s our promise to you.


As always, thank you for being our customer.