BB Profile Series: Allen Baum, Founder

BB Profile Series: Allen Baum, Founder

Jun 12, 2023

Boca Bearings

In this interview, Allen Baum the founder of Boca Bearings shares his passion for all
things bearings. As the leader in Ceramic Technology Boca Bearings has built a reputation for its
off-the-shelf inventory, delivering superior quality products and excellent customer service.

Allen shares, “I was introduced to bearings back in Boston. I used to work for a local bearing
company, where I had the opportunity to wear many different hats; one of those hats was as a
purchasing manager. Through purchasing, I met and consulted with captains of industries from
all over the world. I thoroughly enjoyed the collaborating aspect of the role, and I found the
bearing industry fascinating. At that point, I started to realize I had developed a tremendous
passion for bearings.

This discovery coincided with our family’s move to Florida where shortly after the move in 1987
we founded Boca Bearings. Florida has proven to be the ideal location for a business like Boca
Bearings. Florida is a great geopolitical location for fast, and reliable international shipping.
Additionally, it presented us with the opportunity to build a large warehouse with a significant
pallet capacity. Thinking of the future we still have the ability to expand our current facilities for
any expansion opportunities.

Having a copious warehouse proved tremendously beneficial in times of covid. Our office and
warehouse have modern infrastructure and sufficient space to support a large staff even in
pandemic times. Our team was able to stay 6 feet away, work independently, and remain working
under the guidance and recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO.) Not only
did the team manage to keep our industry partners rolling but we were privileged enough to
avoid any laid-offs. Our team has remained productive, and unfazed by all the external turmoil
and chaos. In a world of uncertainty, the Boca Bearings team continues to thrive.
We founded Boca Bearings on three guiding core values: Radical Customer Service, Continuous
Improvement, and Team Player. As part of those values, we offer this guarantee. To deliver the
right bearings, for the right application or we’ll replace them hassle-free.
While we take the necessary steps to ensure the right bearing for the right application, we also
provide after-sale support. Our engineers are made available to our customers for optimal
bearing solutions and customer satisfaction.


Our large off-the-shelf inventory allows us to supply many different industries from retail to the
most complex of industries such as; space, medical, and green energy. While Boca Bearings
started only servicing the retail sector with special-size bearings in no time we grew enough to be
able to support various industries. Now we have a dedicated team that only serves industry, and
we have become the ceramic experts in North America.
After 35 years in business, we have established a working formula that includes the tools for lean
thinking, the capacity for expansion, and the right processes to deliver great customer satisfaction.
More importantly, we have a high-effort and high-knowledge team. Our team is best in class.
Last year we celebrated one of our bearing expert's 24th company anniversary. This year we
celebrated another team member's 34th-year company anniversary. It’s team members like these
who possess this level of bearing and industry knowledge that allows us to have an edge over the
competition. Keeping an eye on innovation and the future we recently hired new team members
as we continue to expand the industry team.

New as well as experienced team members are supported throughout their tenure at our
company. As a way to support them, we developed the Boca Bearings University (BBU.)
Under this program, we teach a monthly bearings class and send out educational emails as a
follow-up. Under our EOS system, we hold weekly, monthly quarterly, and off-site meetings.
This has allowed us to achieve high levels of efficiency to best support our customers.
My son and, Boca Bearings’ president Jason Flanzbaum has been instrumental and, oftentimes
has spearheaded initiatives that have contributed to our overall success. I am confident Jason will
continue to catapult Boca Bearings to greater heights.

We focus most of our time on new technologies and best-in-class quality. We recently expanded
our lines of Full Ceramic and CAM Follower bearings. Our purchasing and finance departments
are in alignment when investing in new technologies and in growing our inventory with new
on-demand product lines. Our drivers are growth, high quality, and innovation.

Boca Bearings also has a genuine corporate commitment to Breast Cancer awareness. For over 3
years we have run a global campaign to raise awareness for early detention. My former wife and
co-founder Michele Baum many years ago succumbed to this terrible disease, thus this cause is
very important and dear to me. Recently we were pleased to receive an award from the CancerFoundation appreciating our level of commitment. Our 2023 campaign is already in the works
and we look forward to this year’s campaign.

In memory of Michele, Boca Bearings also created the Allen, Dena, and Michele Baum
Scholarship Fund. Last year we had 10 scholarship recipients. We were happy to see an even
break with 5 female and 5 male recipients. As we grow we would like to see more female
participation in all areas of STEM but especially in Mechanical engineering. Michele’s legacy
lives on the success of this program.

Boca Bearings has a reliable and verifiable track record for stability, technological innovation,
industry knowledge, and overall growth. In the future, we only hope to augment on all those
segments as well as in others. This is just the beginning for us. We look forward to another 35

Allen Baum
Boca Bearings