Arduino based humanoid robot

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Seth Altobelli
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Tell us briefly about your project. Is it a work of art or does it serve another function?

My project is intended for education but it can easily be expanded on for other applications. It is my homemade humanoid robot. It has 22 degrees of freedom and is going to be powered with 30 servos. I will control the servos with 2 Adafruit 16 channel servo shields and an Arduino uno. I will also use an Adafruit accelerometer and 2 Adafruit ir distance sensors. My robot stands 3 feet tall and I plan on adding more sensors, cameras, and, a Raspberry pi.

When did you start working on this project and how long did it take you to complete?

I started about 1 year ago. I researched other humanoid robots, came up with a plan, and learned CAD. I finished the CAD designs about 1 month after that. Then I gathered the necessary sensors, motors, motor controllers, and hardware. After that I had a few months were I was really busy and I didn't have time to go to my local maker space. When I finally found time I laser cut my robot and then assembled it.

What was your goal in building this project?

My goal was to learn and to see if I could build it.

Does your project help to solve a problem? If so what problem?

It allows people to make their own robot based off my design and improve and customize it.

What makes your idea unique?

It is a cheep, simple, and customize able.

In what capacity are you using bearings and what type of bearings?

I am using my bearings to mount my robots legs to its body and its arm to its body. They are ball bearings.

What is the most important thing you want people to know about your project?

It is a homemade custom Arduino based humanoid robot.

How will you use the $5,000 prize?

I will use the $5000 for adding cameras, a raspberry pi, more sensors, and wifi control.

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