Doc Fizzix

The company was founded by Alden J. Balmer who was an award winning physics high school teacher. The company is located in Round Rock, Texas and was founded in 1995. Doc Fizzix products are carried in varieties of stores across the US, including Hobbytown USA and Hobby Lobby. You can find Doc Fizzix products in classrooms across the country.

At Doc Fizzix Products, we have been in the mousetrap powered vehicle business longer than anyone and designing winning mouse trap powered racers is what we do best. Although there are others that have tried to follow our lead, there is no kit that can even compare to the quality and performance of a Doc Fizzix racer. "Unlike the rest, our kits and products are tested over and over again to insure that you have the best possible performing vehicle and/or information available. We do not use substandard parts in order to save cost. We use only the best materials available in our products. Our kits are the easiest to build and the best performing racers in the crazy world of mouse trap powered projects." ("about doc fizzix," )

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