Grandfather Clocks

Don's gravity escapement skeleton tower clocks came about when he met Chuck Roeser. Chuck explained his dream of 25 years: he wanted to create a type of skeleton clock- where others could see how these unique tower clocks functioned in their street clock movements. Don and Chuck partnered to build skeleton style clocks. With their metal arts knowledge and craftsmanship they have created six of these time pieces. Every moving part of the clock is visible to the onlookers interested in seeing how these old time clocks function.

Don and Chuck create clocks which are inspired by the E Howard design. Edward Howard was a clockmaker who was a central figure in the birth of American watch making industry in the 19th century. Howard targeted almost exclusively luxury markets and was obsessed with creating the perfect design.

Skeleton style clocks give one the opportunity to view the movement of the clock. The viewer is able to see all the inner workings such as the gears and striking mechanism and understand how a clock functions.

Four of these clocks are available for sale. One will be kept by Chuck and Don for collectable reasons. Enthusiasts who desire one of these hand crafted Street - Tower Clocks with all their movements visible, please contact either Don Johnston or Chuck Roeser for details via email at ("skeleton style tower")


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