"Mother Oxygen Sculpture"

"Mother Oxygen" is a one of a kind, welded steel sculpture representing the Oxygen in Hyperbaric Chambers that use pressurized Oxygen for treatments with brain injured children. It is for a new facility to be built in Tampa, Florida. The existing facility gives FREE treatments to children that need it. Boca Bearings sponsored artist Leslie Evans, with the approximately 300 ball bearings used in this piece. Since all the treatments are free, Leslie donated her time and materials for this sculpture. "Mother Oxygen" designed to be a "kind" image to help alleviate the fear some children might be experiencing. The plan is to have a sound source of bubbles to run concurrently with the piece to make it a multi-sensory therapy experience.

Leslie has incorporated ball bearings in many of my sculptures, one of which is "Kidney Stoned" which is an accurate depiction of diseases of the kidney.

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