The Liney Machines Windmill Engine

Liney machines are for people interested in non-traditional pressure driven machines. Most of these engines can "operate", however their intention is to be viewed as works of art. Each of the Liney machines is available in limited quantity and was hand built allowing for customization. The engines are made out of stainless steel, brass or a combination of the two. They are mounted on an aluminum stand attached to a wooden block or marble.

This particular design is nicknamed "The Windmill" and is an exceptionally beautiful and unique engine. Every part is created from solid brass or aluminum. It uses five 1/4" single acting pistons with 1/2" strokes. The "wobble" style valving means that every cylinder is in a constant oscillating motion while running. The main shaft runs on ball bearings. Turning the heavy brass flywheel by hand feels solid, and very smooth. This design is completely self starting and only 5 psi of pressure is required. The diameter around the outside of the five cylinders is four inches. The intake is a 1/8" O.D. brass pipe.

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