Q: What is the Boca Bearings Innovation project? A: The Boca Bearing Company is giving away over $10,000 in cash and prizes as part of their Boca Bearing Innovation Contest. Winners will be chosen based on a video submission of their innovative project that utilizes ball bearings, roller bearings or linear bearings or any form of ceramic and/or ceramic hybrid bearings. One finalist will be chosen by the voting public in September, October and November to win a GoPro Hero3 Camera ($399 value each), the Grand Prize winner will be chosen by Boca Bearings and will receive a check for $5,000. The two Runner-ups will each win their own 3D Printer from A Type Machines ($2500 value each). The Boca Bearing Company believes in supporting those individuals or companies with a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math (STEAM.) These are the people that drive our future economy.

Q: Who can participate in the Innovation Project? A: All applicants around the world are welcome to submit their application. For more detailed breakdown, please refer to Official Application Guidelines.

Q: If I submit a project, does Boca Bearings own my idea? A: No, your ideas remain your ideas. You will have to fill out an application and agree to conditions when participating in a project. See Official Application Guidelines for more information.

Q: Are there any special requirements about the project? A: The only requirements are that the idea is yours, your idea should be innovative and your project must utilize ball bearings, roller bearings or linear bearings.

Q: When can I submit an idea? A: Submission starts in August as noted in the Official Application Guidelines, September through November. Beginning at 12:01 am ET and ending 11:59 pm ET.

Q: How can I submit my idea? A: Every idea should be submitted using Boca Bearings Innovation project page. If you would like more information, please visit Official Application Guidelines.

Q: Can I submit the video in another language? A: Unfortunately, all submissions must be made in English unless you supply subtitles on the video.

Q: Can I submit my application via fax, email or telephone? A: No, all applications must be submitted via Boca Bearings Boca Bearings Innovation page. You have to fill out the short application and leave a valid email address.

Q: Can I start the application and submit it later? A: Sorry, applications cannot be saved and retrieved at a later time.

Q: Will my personal information be shared? A: Your personal information will not be shared.

Q: Where can I get more help with my application? A: The application is fairly simple, should you need any additional information you can send an email to

Q: I want to make a video, but don't have a camera. What should I do? A: Often we forget that our everyday gadgets, such as cell phones, smart phones or computers have built in cameras. We don't require a professionally shot video we simply want to get an individualized video of your project. Check with your friends and family, there might be people in your community who would like to help you.

Q: I want to participate, but I don't have time to film a video. Can I skip it? A: A video is required. However, we don't expect you to film a professional movie, but rather highlight your innovative idea, introduce yourself and your project and tell us what inspired you.

Q: How do I know if you've received my application? A: When your application is completed, you will receive an email within 24h of submission.

Q: How will I know if I won? A: Once votes have been submitted, the video with the highest amounts of votes will receive an Innovator Badge and you will be notified via email.

Q: My idea was voted on, but did not win that month. Can I submit a new idea or resubmit my idea? A: Every time you are submitting a new idea you have to create a new application. Your existing idea or project will roll over to the following month so you can continue to try and drive votes and win.

Q: How can people vote on my project? A: People can visit the Boca Bearings Innovation website and vote on your video. There is only one vote per person, per voting period.

Q: How many votes do I have? A: Every person has one vote per month and can vote on only one project at a time.

Q: Can I vote on my own project? A: Absolutely, you can vote on your own project.

Q: Are proxy votes allowed? A: Proxy votes, such as creating fake accounts or duplicate accounts, are not allowed.

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