Boca Bearings Innovation Competition Rules

  1. Build an innovative, cool or creative mechanical project. Check out some other Innovative Projects for ideas.
  2. Your project will have to include at least one ball bearing, roller bearing or linear bearing used anywhere in the application.
  3. Anyone over 13 with the permission of a legal guardian is allowed to participate.
  4. This is an international competition.
  5. You should submit a simple video shortly introducing your project, please see Official Application to view the questions you have to answer.
  6. We do not look for professionally shot videos. Many gadgets, such as smart phones or laptops, come with built in cameras.
  7. You can vote on your own video. Every person with a Facebook account has a one vote limit per month.
  8. Ask your friends, family or people in your field of interest to vote for your project. Post it to Facebook, send out an email or do whatever it takes to promote your video and get the most votes.
  9. The video with the most votes will be announced winner at the beginning of the following month and receive one GoPro. (for more information see the Application Entry Table under Legal Disclaimer and Guidelines).
  10. Out of all monthly winners we will be selecting a grant prize winner who will receive $5,000 in cash. The two follow up winners will receive their own A Type Machines 3D printer.

How It Works

Boca Bearings is funding amazingly innovative ideas and projects. Dream it, film it, get votes and get awarded!

Make sure that the project utilizes ball bearings, roller bearings or linear bearings
Include a short video of your project
Introduce your idea to the public and get votes
Every month one winner will receive a GoPro Hero3. At the end of the contest the grand prize of $5,000 will be rewarded to one of the monthly winners, second and third place winner will receive a 3D printer.

Legal Guidelines
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