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Tool Box 3D Printer for Boca Bearing Company

Tool Box 3D Printer for Boca Bearing Company
This video shows the toolbox 3D printer I recently built for Boca Bearing. The toolbox contains the filament, spool holder, power supply and fully functional 3d printer in a Huot… 2015-07-21 15:07:24

Cardboard Box Robot

Cardboard Box Robot
To celebrate their 25th year in business the Boca Bearing Company is giving away over $20,000 in cash and prizes as part of their Innovation Contest. Help your favorite project win… 2012-06-22 18:45:42
Vintage Tool Box 3D Printed: Part 4 -- Final Details
2015-07-14 11:57:33
Vintage Tool Box 3D Printed: Part 3 -- Testing and RefiningDetails and finish work before printing and calibration to finalize the project.
2015-07-06 09:41:42
Boca Build 2.0 Geared Sliding Puzzle: Control BoxThe geared puzzle is ready for its electronics. It has been running off of an Arduino Uno that is plugged directly into the wall.…
2015-11-23 15:34:50
…race with perfect drivers, accommodation, box comfort etc. I learned a lot. Big thanks to you… My sponsor Boca Bearing Company, your bearings are amazing. …
2015-07-14 19:00:01

Q: Also, can the greased bearings be used out the box, or should they be treated before use?

A: Yes, the stocked greased bearings can be used as is and will give you great performance.