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Green Seal Bearings

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Boca Bearings Green Seal RC Bearings

Boca Bearings Green Seal RC Bearings
green rubber seals keep dirt and dust out and lube in. The green seals come already greased and will outlast any stock bearings. In addition to being able to pick up full bearing… 2014-03-17 15:27:54

Green Seals Bearings Installation for Tekno EB48: Part 1 (Front)

Green Seals Bearings Installation for Tekno EB48: Part 1 (Front)
Green Seals Bearings Installation for Tekno EB48: Part 1 (Front) Would like to thank Boca Bearings for allowing me the opportunity to be a team driver and represent their company!… 2015-11-23 14:47:50

How to install RC Clutch Bell Bearing

How to install RC Clutch Bell Bearing
…compliment stainless steel bearing or the Bronze Standard green seal bearing. Boca Bearings continues to innovate in an effort to bring high tech bearing products to the every day… 2010-04-14 16:27:59
99 problems but clutch bells ain't one. Green Seal Bearings, need we say more? #BocaProductHighlight
2016-08-15 16:01:45
…champion and 3rd overall. In this season I was driving with Boca green seal bearings and the bearings are awesome, good job.Plans for next year: driving Croatian championship…
2014-11-29 19:00:00
It's been a great start to 2015. My green sealed bearings have lasted almost 6 months in both my pro4 and 2wd short course trucks. I'm currently in striking position at a podium…
2015-04-16 19:00:01
…at the next series race. I used the Boca Bearings green sealed bearings kit in my Tekno rc sct410.3 and yellow sealed bearings in the 2wd sct. Thanks again for your support!Sean…
2015-10-08 15:00:01
…together a string of four consecutive podium finishes. My Pro-2 is equipped with green seal Boca Bearings, a Maclan MRR 8.5T motor and for this race I selected super soft Pro-Line…
…noticed many of the stock bearings were either feeling very gritty or ceased. Incidentally, the Boca bearings arrived. I had gotten the Green Seals (suited for off-road…