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Stanford Solar Car Project- Xenith

Stanford Solar Car Project- Xenith
…while looking good. Our car works to examine the feasibility of solar technology as an option to reduce fossil fuel dependence. By building a race car, we are able to look at how… 2012-06-19 20:01:25

Electric Microkart

Electric Microkart
…and motors are placed within the chassis or 'deck' protecting the electric components and creating a clean look but a much stiffer structure than a conventional tubular frame. 2015-01-17 16:00:03

Testing with the ultrasonic sensors

Testing with the ultrasonic sensors
Our intern Marco made a ragtag looking movement tracking robot. It can sense when and where an object is in front of it and follow the object around 2019-07-23 15:14:00

Fidget Spinner Bearing Spin Time Comparison

Fidget Spinner Bearing Spin Time Comparison
In this video we take a look at how different bearings effect the performance of a fidget spinner. Our results concluded that although the full ceramic bearing spun only for a… 2017-06-01 14:33:46
2015-03-30 08:37:19
“Creating means living.” ― Dejan Stojanovic, The Shape We've always loved making things, from the workbenches and furniture we made for our first...
2015-03-30 08:35:31
The Junior Bassmasters of Marion County are hoping for a four-peat this weekend on Lake Okeechobee.
2015-05-28 14:21:57
the real 6 million dollar man...
2012-12-10 13:12:50
…to the drivers of the series!  We appreciate your support for our racing series.  We look forward to more of your products that we can give as prizes to our drivers. Our next race…
…chassis and are putting it back together, not only to replace the bad parts, but to learn more about the car. Our first practice is May 14, and looking forward to it. Taylor Fenske
…racing. The outdoor season is just starting to get under way for 1/8 off-road and I look forward to sharing my finishes and experiences with 1/8 racing at regional and provincial…
…mod. buggy. I ended up finishing 3rd in shortcourse truck and 5th in 4wd mod. buggy. Looking forward to the first race of the Force Series next weekend at Deans Discount Hobbies…

Q: Can the seals be removed from lightning ceramic bearings for maintenance?

…removable for the specific bearing for your reel. You can take a look at this page on our website to see how to remove the shields.…