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Mugen Mbx 7


How To Change The Bearings in The Mugen MBX 7 Eco

How To Change The Bearings in The Mugen MBX 7 Eco
…shows how to remove and replace the bearings in the Mugen MBX 7 Eco RC vehicle. You can find Boca Bearings for the Mugen MBX 7 Eco along with additional tips and installation help.… 2014-01-10 18:53:42
The 2015 Fall Brawl is in the books what a great event. My Mugen MBX7r was good all weekend with the Ninja engine, X3 Fugitives and X4 Lockdowns laying down plenty of power. I…
2015-12-14 08:37:02
…though qualifying with a brand new engine breaking in and also having just rebuilt my MBX 7 onto a new M2C chassis which also changed the car a bit but by the mains it was getting…
2015-02-09 09:03:01
…short course and open electric buggy classes with my Tekno SCT410 and Tekno converted Mugen MBX-6.AMS was the first time I’ve ever done a seeding round before qualifying. The best…
2013-12-03 09:50:36