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Boca Bearings: High Speed Oil

Boca Bearings: High Speed Oil
Boca Bearings: High Speed Oil website: 2015-06-26 14:25:20

Boca Bearings High Speed Oil

Boca Bearings High Speed Oil
High Speed Oil Lightning Lube in a 12cc syringe. Ideal lubrication for any application that requires a very thin and lightweight oil for minimal friction and reduced drag.… 2014-06-16 21:23:27

Boca Bearings Reel Maintenance and Upkeep

Boca Bearings Reel Maintenance and Upkeep
Reel tips and maintenance with Hai Truong. Lightning lube grease and high speed oil used. Website: 2015-05-26 14:34:53

Serpent 977 Viper Boca Bearing replacement

Serpent 977 Viper Boca Bearing replacement
How to change the bearings in the Serpent 977 Viper. Boca Bearings: Oil for you RC Vehicle and Bearings. 2014-01-22 21:46:14
High Speed Oil and Grease PowerWant your bearings to last longer? Then you need this ...Click here to participate:
2015-11-30 15:22:40
"Wow, the Lightning lube High Speed Oil is fantastic! In Free Flight competition models we use a special clockwork timer that shuts the engines off amongst other important…
2012-01-30 12:06:41
Boca Bearings Review: Lightning Lube-High Speed Oil
2013-01-09 16:08:55
High Speed Oil and Grease Power: from May 4 - 11Click here to enter:
2015-05-04 15:02:44

Q: How should the Orange Seal bearings be handled before being used?

…or you can add a light drop of oil to the outside seal and work the oil into the bearing. Dry bearings can be more noisy but a light drop of oil will quiet them right down. If your…

Q: Are Orange Seal Bearings maintenance free?

A: Not really, because most fishing enthusiasts use oil as lubrication it is very difficult to retain it in the bearing even with seals. The seals will prolong the use of the…

Q: How much maintenance do bearings require?

…or oil should be constantly maintained and frequency level with vary depending on your application. Oil dissipates faster than grease, so typically shielded bearings using oil as…

Q: What is the best way to maintain my bearings?

…grease or particulates. 2) Blow bearing out with compressed air. 3) Place a light drop of oil on the bearing. 4) Give the bearing a spin, if they still feel rough repeat steps 1-3.