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Installing Orange Seal Boca Bearings on Revo STX

Installing Orange Seal Boca Bearings on Revo STX
Do Boca Bearings Orange Seals really help improve performance? How do you upgrade a Revo STX Reel? This video shows answers to those questions. Spool Pin Pliers to take the spool… 2014-01-23 17:03:20

How to Change Bearings In A Daiwa Tatula Type R Reel

How to Change Bearings In A Daiwa Tatula Type R Reel
…ones. Adam uses Boca Bearings Orange Seals Bearing Kit for the Daiwa Tatula Type R Boca Bearings High Speed Oil. 2014-02-04 15:24:06
…know how of the inner working of a reel is best) The all ceramic orange seal bearings require no grease or oil so they are basically maintenance free besides the normal reel upkeep…
2014-05-03 17:20:06
Boca Bearing Fishing Tips: I remove the Orange seals from Boca Bearing ABEC 7 for direct access with High Speed Oil.
2015-09-02 08:40:05
…orange seals gave me very little drag, and i've very happy with performance and long life, even do after every race i remove them from the car, clean and use high speed oil to lube…
2015-06-30 16:00:00
…one-‐way is, that I still have a front diff. which I can play with the oil to help me have the best set up for the track. I’ve also increase the …
2014-04-18 09:05:00

Q: How should the Orange Seal bearings be handled before being used?

…or you can add a light drop of oil to the outside seal and work the oil into the bearing. Dry bearings can be more noisy but a light drop of oil will quiet them right down. If your…

Q: What kind of maintenance do sealed bearings require?

…the seals and soak the bearings in our Clean Touch over night. Then you can re-lube them with your lube of choice. Just keep in mind that the thinner the lube is, such as oil vs.…

Q: Should I remove the shields or seals from my engine bearings?

A: If your front bearing has two rubber seals you should not remove them. These bearings have their own grease and can help stop oil leaks. If your bearing has two shields, we…

Q: Are Orange Seal Bearings maintenance free?

…because most fishing enthusiasts use oil as lubrication it is very difficult to retain it in the bearing even with seals. The seals will prolong the use of the bearing before…