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Pinion Bearing


Traxxas Slash LCG: Rear Differential Bearings (Part 6)

Traxxas Slash LCG: Rear Differential Bearings (Part 6)
Part 6: new Boca Bearings ceramic bearings swap series -- the rear differential and slipper clutch bearings, lube the ring and pinion gears, then reassemble the rear end. These… 2015-06-06 21:00:01
Thanks to Brian for helping me get the correct replacement pinion bearing for the 525Mag reel. its in and working great!
2014-03-25 15:33:05
…count the laps, it worked on and off and that was a bummer. I had some problem whit my pinion gear on my 1/8 team Durango dex408 buggy and I solved it with a lot of lock tight and…
2015-07-20 19:00:00
Dear Boca Bearings, During the 4th quarter, I upgraded the bearings in both my 2wd and 4wd Short course trucks (SCT). I installed yellow sealed ceramic bearings in 2wd…
2015-01-23 19:00:01
…did not have any power and I could not clear any jumps. David changed out my motor and pinion gear before round 2. This made a huge difference and I was able to take the jumps with…
2015-04-08 19:00:01